A Revelation of Glory

The sky is always in motion, always changing.  Colors shift and clouds transform, water is held and poured out, light dances or reflects or beams directly through particles and molecules.  What is ~ right now ~ will ebb & flow into something new.  It’s a constant surrender and freshly created expanse… but in every shade and shimmer ~ always the same song of glory.  Music in notes of motion, melody in bass and treble of color, harmonies humming in clouds and wind… ever new declarations of our Creator and King of all wild wonder.

More and more, this pilgrim path shows me we are the same: our lives meant to be a revelation of glory that comes through our continued surrender, our letting go, our pouring out of what we have right here and right now.  Every moment, following the lead and voice of Spirit.  Open hands to hold or give what has been given, open hearts to shine as brightly and fully as we can for this one moment.

A life spent following Jesus is surrender in motion.  It is a choice to say yes again and again and again to the heart of God.  A choice to say that Jesus is worthy of whatever He asks of me.

This yes is my choice and I gladly give it.  But it isn’t always easy.  Sometimes I am still afraid of so much change, of surrendering my idea of control.  Being at peace with letting go of my thoughts and leaning into the mystery of His remains a process, a learning and re-learning of trust.

So I look up to the sky to remember.  I see the wonder of transformation right there above me.  And I remember the reason I trust the change is the faithfulness of the One directing the sky and my heart.  Because the measure of the melody changes, but it is always the same song ~ and the song is God’s goodness and love toward us.  The One whose infinite marvel is displayed in the ever-transforming sky is creating something new in me.  Every surrender is a new layer written into the song of my life.  Every Spirit-led change is purposed to reflect this great Love and so I choose again ~ breathing in what He has done before and singing out faith, yes and amen.

“And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter & more beautiful as God enters our lives & we become like Him.” ~ 2 Corinthians 3:18


Photo: Christie Lambert, all rights reserved

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