Don’t Leave Me Here

Lord, I feel so out of sorts ~
like I am walking in a wilderness
Every stone unturned ~
yet no water to quench my thirst is found
I hunt and I search for some sign from you, Lord
and I find none
No burning bush ~
no pillar of fire or cloud to shelter me, Lord

Where are you, Lord?
May I not even have a drink of water?
Is there yet a sign from you to move ~
for I wait for you, Lord
If your Spirit does not go before me
I do not want to go
I search for you in a dry and weary land ~
I search for you
Lord, I long to be filled to reach my promised land ~
Lord, I am stuck here in this desert place and I see nothing but sand

Did you not promise me a land ~
land filled with joy and peace
A place of true love ~
a place of fruitfulness?
Lord, how long? How much longer must I wait?
Move me, Lord
Move me, God, into what you have for me ~
please don’t leave me here!
Speak to me, Lord ~
let me hear your voice ~
draw near to me, God, and
Strengthen me with your grace and love and power ~
do not leave me here!

God, I long for the life you have promised me ~
I long to be where I belong
I do not belong here, God!
I am so weary. I have stood long. I have believed long.
Show me your path ~
lead me in your ways!
Oh Lord, do not leave me here!
I trust so in you ~
do not leave me here!

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