By Katie Heid

Dual-citizenship has its advantages and challenges.  As heirs to a Heavenly home and current members of American society, we have all the rights and privileges that both offer.

I’ve heard well-meaning Christians profess that since God is King, we don’t need to burden ourselves with the political goings-on in our country.  I understand completely, friend.  Sometimes we need a detox from disgusting gunk.  When we see literal and figurative fires being set, we move away so we’re not burned by it.  Plus, isn’t all this stuff meaningless in the end?  Does God really care who sits in the White House, the governor’s mansion, or on your local city council?  Does he really care about political posturing and social media bickering?

Politics and news may give you a migraine, and I empathize wholeheartedly with those sentiments!  At the same time, I strongly believe we do our witness a great disservice if we fail to be salt and light where God has placed us.  What are our responsibilities to God and our neighbors?  What’s our responsibility as American citizens?

Every Friday between now and the November 3rd election I am going to pray for our country’s leaders and the election process.  There is so much more going on than “I hope my guy wins.”  Much of what we hear and read may be confusing, but I know that God provides wisdom, clarity, and direction to those who sincerely seek Him. (James 1)

I am going to be asking God to protect our leaders and the election process, expose evil, highlight good, and grant patience with those who vote differently than us.  Will you join me?

{Editor’s note: Katie originally published this on her Uncomfortable Grace Facebook book page Sept. 18.}

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About the author:

Katie Heid has spent the better part of her career talking.  Whether it’s been as a women’s retreat speaker, member of her church’s speaking team, radio and television reporter, teacher, or a mom who has to repeat things one too many times, it’s clear she’s got the gift of gab.  She also loves Jesus and people.  Her lifelong journey with Jesus has shown her that since His greatest passion is loving people, that should be her passion, too.  Katie lives a chaotic life in Michigan with her husband and two sons.  It’s a life she wouldn’t trade for the world. (Although, she would rent it out in exchange for a good nap.)

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