You Arrogant Snowflake

The Lord has been so gracious to me this long bitter winter with many days of bright sunshine in spite of the snowy freezing times.  This helps my moods, my appetite, and I hope my sanity, because I am beginning to talk to inanimate objects!


I watched you; I think you knew it.  You, the largest flake I had seen in this ever-lasting coldest of seasons, floating down in your graceful, though arrogant way.  In a show-off manner, you fell in an artful spin due to a puff of the frisky, bitter wind.  Glistening like a starlet dancing in a spotlight you shone brilliantly in the beam of the weak winter sun.

Your cold, icy beauty caught my attention; I was mesmerized by your dizzying, dancing descent as you spiraled toward the terra-cotta pot squatting on my forlorn, frozen deck.  Due to the playfulness of a neighbors pup, the earlier arriving flakes were knocked off the clay rim of the vessel.  It was filled with inert dirt and a layer of your ancestors who were just hanging around waiting for company to arrive.  All was bared for you to indulge in your solo performance and you took to the stage and preened like a pro, in your proud way.

I saw the twinkle you cast contemptuously toward me, as you shivered to a stop; settling your many sided splendor precariously on the edge.  How daring was your choice; you think you can do what you want; you are such a clinging substance.  The mocking attitude you and your ilk display gives me chill bumps.

Ah, here comes the sky full of your followers in a hurry to enshroud you with their presence.  You, the first, are fast becoming the forgotten, fading into a whiteout.  You just had to be the largest flake, now you are the bottom of the pile.  The sad thing is you are still “here today-here tomorrow” in one way or another.


Winter continues; I must think of other things, for all of our sakes!


{Editor’s note: this article was first published February 2011}

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