No Matter What Age

woman - mirrorBy JoAnn Crane


Looking in the mirror, all I see is me.

Nothing exceptional, but I am special.

For no matter what age, I am a child ~

for I am a child of God.

I do not desire to be the one who turns heads.

Nor do I desire to be the one who gets ahead.

But I do desire to be the one drawn to Thee…

the one that others might see Christ in me.

I am just flesh and bones,

a body that will soon pass away.

But I gaze at myself, and Lord I do pray…

that You will fill me with Your gentle Spirit,

so that I may show others that You are the only Way.

I pray that you place many on my daily path,

and give words that reflect a humble heart.

May I plant seeds of faith that allow them to see,

You Lord, Who has loved them from the start.

Oh let me be a reflection of Your love, Lord…

open their eye’s so they may see,

I desire nothing more than to allow You

to glorify Yourself through me!

About the author:
I have been writing for myself and journaling for over 5 years.   As a sinner saved by grace, I have experienced divorce, drugs, and the horror that abortion brings into our life.  My heart’s true desire is to comfort another soul along the way, and tell them of the saving grace through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I pray that each day, the Lord will place on my path that ”someone” He desires me to reach out to and speaks to my heart with words especially for her!

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