True Thanksgiving

Your abode Father, is a gracious place, a holy ground,
Where answers, peace and rest are found.
Angels roam; the redeemed are alive and free.
Beauty, and full-blown grace are there awaiting me.
My soul is brimming with deepest gratitude and praise
Thanksgiving rises in my heart,
Prepare for me Father, in your world apart.
The Lamb shines a blessed light. Evermore no sad night.
I shall worship before the throne by the river bright.
Its waters feed healing streams to the trees of life,
I will offer my crown there, for He covered my strife.
Heaven is God’s goodness finally and fully known.
My Thankfulness brims for all to see,
He knows me well, yet waits for me.
My country, your creation Father; is a beautiful home,
Where land is teeming and the oceans foam.
People, your design Lord, blessed by your hand,
We celebrate two freedoms, as strongly we stand.
Continue us unfettered, the spirit and the flesh.
In Gratitude and the deepest praise I savor,
Being one you love and one you favor.

My heart is full, yet open on this day and in this season,
I have the hope of heaven; He is my only reason.
On this earthly world or the one for which I long,
Give my heart your desire, give my soul a song.
Festivities now consume a day we mark in time.
Celebrate; as we make memories, not a few,
Truly we offer Thanksgiving to You!

Dear CWO friends for Thanksgiving 2012

  Our prayers for you are always spilling over into thanksgivings.  We can’t quit thanking God our Father and Jesus our Messiah for you!  We keep getting reports on your steady faith in Christ, our Jesus, and the love you continuously extend to all Christians.  The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in heaven, kept taut by hope.  Colossians 1:3-5

Then the Angel showed me Water-of-Life River, crystal bright.  It flowed from the Throne of God and the Lamb, right down the middle of the street.  The Tree of Life was planted on each side of the River, producing twelve kinds of fruit, a ripe fruit each month.  The leaves of the Tree are for healing the nations. Never again will anything be cursed.  The Throne of God and of the Lamb is at the center.  His servants will offer God service ~ worshiping, they’ll look on his face, their foreheads mirroring God.  Never again will there be any night.  No one will need lamplight or sunlight.  The shining of God, the Master, is all the light anyone needs.  And they will rule with him age after age after age.  Revelation 22 (worth True Thanksgiving) The Message

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