I Had a Dream Today

I had a dream today that I was free ~ no longer held captive by the ropes that bind me to who I was.  I had a dream that the walls built around my heart were gone and that love would flow again from within its deepest cracks and crevices.  I had a dream that words could flow freely without fear, without shame, without regret.  I had this dream today…

As the sun came up this morning, the words and love were deeply locked away, seemingly not to come out this day and that little girl in me stayed sheltered, hiding from the world outside.  Come out and live was the cry of my heart, longing to be free, longing to feel the wind and the warmth of the sun.  Come out was its cry, but inside in the dark she remained.

You cannot hide from your dreams, child ~ even in the shadows of heartache, they are there.  Even as you sit turning your face from all the passion I have put within you, they are there ~ the dream of what could be, the dream of letting go, the dream of being free ~ it is there.  It is there, My daughter, as you sit in silence with tears running down your cheeks.  Come out, My child, and live.  Come to Me and be free.

Wiping the tears, she sat in wonder, was it possible?  Would she love freely again, taking the guard from her heart?  Would she write freely again, allowing the words to flow through the pen that has been for so long silent?  Could she allow this dream to take form, or would she remain locked inside because of who she has been?

I had this dream today that I was free, but as I close my eyes to sleep, I realize that it was not a dream at all.  I am not who I was, and my heart is no longer locked away.  I am free.  Free to love, free to express in endless words the passion I have within.  Free to come out and live, because wherever I am and wherever I go, I am in the shadow of the cross.  It is not a dream at all.  I have a Savior who has made me new.

I had this dream today…

And my dream came true.


In response to “Nana and the Book” in B’s Blog .  Thanks, Rhea, for inspiring me to dream and to live in the freedom our Savior died to give us.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” John 8:36

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