He ♥s Me! (My forever Valentine)

How do I know? Because Proverbs, my friend John and the others tell me so!

“To love and be loved”, to belong to a special love; isn’t that the ultimate quest in this life? To wake in the mornings and sleep through the nights knowing you are loved—that you are the best part of someone’s every breathing moment; your husband, sweet heart, child, or perhaps a friend. All the poetry, music and stories that describe this one emotion are as vast as the stars forever being discovered in unknown skies.

God has blessed this life with the valentines He has chosen for me: my Husband and family. He has given me a surprisingly deep love for them. I love them so tenderly, my heart melts like the last spring snow, and I love them with the strength of steel found in battleships. I will fight conflicts for them, using the ramrod of prayer. At the same time, tenderness and war fill my heart to overflowing.

There is a love that holds me in a timeless embrace, no beginning and no end, it is one so freely given. It completely fills my heart, yet leaves room for others. This “Love” rains His wisdom and guidance upon me and desires that I follow Him, and in so doing, I allow His love to live in me and thrive as a flame, as a precious jewel, a love that grows loyalty and rules my life. God’s love, born in me through trust, now guides all of my ways, and in Him is my dependence for a clear path. His love directs my feet to His chosen ways. His love protects me from even myself. Respect for Him keeps me from making wrong choices, and I rejoice in His strength. I long to please Him, the one who loves me as no other, and I pray that I will always give Him the better part of me, and the first part of all that is mine. He is my strength and my need supplier.(Various parts of Proverbs 3; 1-10 taken from the Contemporary English Version As it speaks to me.)

“To love and be loved,” to belong to a special love; I have reached the ultimate quest. I awaken in the mornings and sleep through the nights knowing I am loved. He has promised to be my husband, my mother, my father, my sunshine, my home, my adventure, and my all in all. He is my Heavenly Father, and I am never alone.

God is My Ultimate Valentine ~ He pleads, “Be Mine!”

He even put it in writing for me:

“God so loved the people of this world (me) so much that He gave His only Son, so that everyone (me) who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never die!” (John 3:16; Contemporary English Version; emphasis mine)

He desires to be with me forever, and that means everlasting, eternal, unending, and ever-faithful— in this time and throughout all eternity; this is a “Permanent” kind of love!

I Him too!

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