Summer Skin Care

Summer’s here and so are the high temperatures! It’s time to lighten up… on our skin care and makeup. Most likely you will be spending more time outside at the pool, beach and in the sun–all the more reason to take care of your skin suit and keep it healthy and glowing (not greasy).

Summer skin tends to get oilier and you need to adjust your skin care to suit your skin type. First and foremost drink plenty of water to hydrate your entire body, replenish sweat and to beat the hot weather ahead.

The Heat is ON… a few things to ponder when it comes to summer skin.

  1. Use lighter facial skin care products to avoid clogging your pores
  2. Drink plenty of H20 to rehydrate your skin after exposure to the sun, sand and salt at the beach.
  3. Use a chemical free SPF.
  4. Exchange heavy makeup for a more natural look.

Cleansers, Moisturizers, Toners for Summer

All skin types benefit from a soap free cleanser followed by an alcohol free toner, if your skin is extremely sensitive you still can use a creamy cleanser.  Rosewater is a good choice as a toner for dry, normal and mature skin while witch hazel or apple cider vinegar is great for oily  and acne skin. Use products that are designed for after sun care like Dr. Hauschka or Aubrey-Organics, they will help to replenish what was drained from the sun’s damaging rays.

DIY Moisturizer
(You will need ½ tsp to 1 tsp Jojoba oil, favorite essential oil, active royal jelly but not neccary) First cleanse skin and while the skin is already wet, apply a small amount of Jojoba oil with a drop of essential oil and a dab of active royal jelly (found in health food store) and gently pat into skin—note the water helps absorb the jojoba oil.

H20 Relief
Be sure to drink plenty of purified water; dehydration sets in when a person has lost 2 percent of his or her body weight—(depending on the conditions) especially now that it is much hotter.  If you get tired of drinking too much water, add in a slice of lemon, cucumber or mint—it’s totally refreshing!

Sun Block
Use protective gear such as wide brim hats, sunglasses, umbrellas (when at the beach or pool) and of course sun protection. Check this site out to find your best and safest sunscreen:

Natural Makeup

  • Switch out your heavy foundation for mineral makeup.  Not only will your makeup not smear, it also has an SPF that will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Another alternative is a tinted moisturizer—keep it in your fridge and when you apply it, the heat from your face will melt in in.
  • As for the rest of your makeup why not choose simple quick coverage like sweeping blush/bronzer over the apples of your cheeks—dab where the sun shines for a natural glow.
  • Give your eyelashes a rest… instead of mascara use a non-petroleum jelly on your lids then curl your eyelashes for a finished natural look.
  • Your lips are important so do try and use a lip balm with a SPF in it—instead of lipstick use a lip liner in a neutral color and swipe your  lip balm over lips.

Stay cool this summer with splashes in the pool or race through a sprinkler with your kids. Enjoy your time with the family at the park, beach or playing games. Always remember…Time is priceless, make every moment count.
P.S.  Don’t forget the sunscreen and for your kids. 🙂

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
— 1 John 3:18

©2009, Shelly Ballestero

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