Farewell and God Bless

It is with sadness that I write these words.  It is time for me to end writing this column.  As most of you are aware, I have had a very difficult year or so, and right now my heart is not into writing anymore.  So, after much prayer and thinking things through, I have decided to “retire” this column.

I want to thank Darlene for giving me this wonderful opportunity to minister to others.  Darlene and I “met” several years ago via our blogs, and it was through our mutual love of the Lord, and of our vocations to be mothers and writers, that we formed a friendship which has been steady and true, even though we have never actually met in person.   It is my hope that someday we will meet “in real life,” but until that day comes,  I will treasure the times – professional and personal – that we have shared.  Dar – you’ve been a true inspiration to me.

I have taken a temporary hiatus from my personal blog as well.  I will probably return to writing in the fall, but I have to face some personal hurdles before I can get back to my first true love – writing.  My life is transitioning and changing, and I need the energy to cope with all of different scenarios being placed in front of me right now.  I will continue to always be “my kids’ mom,” no matter what – but for now, I need to be still and listen to God to see where he is leading me in my life.

I hope my words have touched other adoptive parents out there and somehow have encouraged or inspired or helped them in some way.  My biggest thrill came last month when my oldest daughter’s birth mom read my Mother’s Day column, and we talked for the very first time online and then later on the phone. She is a wonderful woman, and I am blessed to now have her in my life.  Her gift of life gave me the greatest gift of all – of being a mother.  The mutual love we have for our daughter is such a joy to experience!  And thus, it has come full circle.

Someday, my youngest will be searching, and I can only hope and pray that her search  is as successful as my oldest daughter’s search has been.

So, to my friends and readers, I say a fond farewell.  I shall keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.  I know that one day I shall return to writing (I would like to get published some day) –  so I shall say farewell, and God bless until we meet again.

©2009, Valerie Wolff

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