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As you read this I will be on my way up north. The boys look forward with great anticipation to our yearly bass fishing trip.  I am not much for slimy worms and hooks, but I love the great outdoors.  The eagles are breath taking and I enjoy listening to the sounds of Loons.  I pray you are having a wonderful summer and have had a chance to get away from daily routine, even if it is for a weekend.  While the boys are fishing I am sitting outside reading.

May I suggest some great books I have recently read?  For an enjoyable, relaxing read Robin Lee Hatcher’s book “A Vote of Confidence” will have you smiling while reading about the mayor’s race of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho.  Polly Boyette leaves you laughing in “Life Is a Buffet: So What’s on Your Plate?”  “God is No Fool 40th Anniversary Edition” made a powerful impact on my heart, while “A Royal Invitation” reminded me of God’s beauty and the love he has for each one of us.

Summer time is the perfect time to catch up on your reading.  Grab a nice cool drink, prop your feet up, and read a good book.

God is No Fool 40th Anniversary Edition
By Lois A Cheney
Beaufort Books (2009)
176 pages

This book originally published in 1969 made a big impact on readers.  The short musings made readers smile, provoked and inspired them.  Cheney’s most famous piece used in many sermons is titled, “Bits and Pieces.”  Lois Cheney has been leading retreats for the last 40 years.  Cheney urges readers to expand their understanding of God.

When I first received this book I did not think I would enjoy it, but I found this book compared to a delicious meal.  The first bite is great but it becomes tastier with each bite.  I did not want the book to end.  Lois Cheney’s book of poems will bring you closer to God with her words of wisdom.  This is a great devotional book to have on your nightstand.  Simple words which make a lasting impact.

A Vote of Confidence
By Robin Lee Hatcher
Zondervan (2009)
272 pages

Set in the early 1900’s, in Bethlehem Springs, Idaho, twins sisters Guinevere and Cleo are making up for lost time.  Guinevere, or Gwen as her friends call her, grew up with her Mother surrounded by education, culture and training.  Her twin sister Cleo grew up with their father and is a self acclaimed tomboy.   Despite growing up apart they have a close relationship.

The book begins with Cleo suggesting that Gwen should run for the upcoming Mayor election.  The only contender so far is Mr. Hiram Tattersall who is known to frequent the bars at all times of the day.  Only because of Gwen’s love for her town, did she decide to throw her hat into the Mayor race.

What Gwen didn’t count on was bachelor Mr. Morgan McKinley throwing his hat into the Mayor race also.  Morgan McKinley is also busy building the New Hope Health Spa, in hopes of catering to the rich and poor.  Morgan finds he is falling for Gwen’s charms and persuades Gwen to give him piano lessons.  In the midst of this budding romance someone is trying to sabotage Morgan’s New Hope Health Spa.  Both Morgan and Gwen find themselves questioning decisions they have made and had to learn to trust one another, despite past broken hearts.

Robin Lee Hatcher made these characters come alive.  I found myself smiling while reading this book.  It was a relaxing and enjoyable book. I look forward to more of The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs books.

Life Is A Buffet: So What’s on Your Plate?
By Polly D. Boyette
iUniverse (2009)
204 pages

I see this book playing out like a comedy series between Polly, her sister and their mother.; the funny antics and powerful reminders, that we may not decide what goes on our plate but we can decide how we will deal with it.  Each chapter reads like a funny short devotional sharing their Christian faith in the midst of relationships.  Boyette helps readers place bible verses into every day concepts.

Life Is A Buffet: So What’s On Your Plate? remind readers to look at the big picture of life.  This book can be read as a whole or as a devotional book.  Life Is A Buffet: So What’s On Your Plate? will make you smile and feel good all over.  Polly Boyette reminds me of a lady you would sit next to in church that has you laughing continually with funny stories.  This is a perfect feel good book with a great message.

A Royal Invitation
By Vivian May Edwards
Author House (2009)
52 pages

When I first received the beautifully illustrated book, complete with photography, bible verses and poetry I thought it was a children’s book.  I was wrong.  This book invites readers of all ages to come and abide in Him.

Vivian May Edwards poetry is like fresh, cool water on a weary soul.  As you read the powerful words along with the professional photographs you walk away refreshed and renewed.  This book shares the good news of Jesus Christ and offers all who read it a Royal Invitation.

©2009, Lori Kasbeer

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