Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake takes a little longer to make than most cakes, but I specifically chose this recipe to remind us to try difficult things.

“Honor thy mother” Exodus 20:12

On mother’s day all children come together and agree it is time to show our mothers honor.  After all it is a commandment of God and none of us would dare disrespect the caretaker God has ordained for our lives.

But what about when Mother’s Day has passed?  Are we really fulfilling the commandment God has given us?

Some would argue that the commandment only applies while we are children.  Not so,  Christ was an example to us while on the cross ensuring that John would take care of his mother.  No time limit.

This is not only a commandment, it is the first commandment with a promise.  “That it may be well with you”  Eph 6:3.

If you really think about this it may be a difficult thing we are being asked to do.  When I informally survey my friends I find a common bond.  Most have mothers that are tolerable at best and few have mothers that would be easy to honor.  I have to ask myself – Is this because our society has encouraged us to marginalize our parents? Or did God know it would be difficult?

Ravi Zacharias, a well known christian apologist, advised that in Hindi when addressing a parent the word for mother or father is said with a reverential implication. The translation would be similar to us saying Father sir, or Mother madam.  Our society doesn’t generally use such terms of respect.

I don’t believe that it is all society’s fault that we don’t honor our mothers.  Truly some have mothers that are difficult to honor.  They have been abusive, neglectful or they haven’t been the parents God called them to be.  Does that let us off the hook?  Can we disregard the commandment because we were dealt a poor hand?  Unfortunately I do not see any scriptural basis to allow this.

I was challenged by sponsored by Alex and Brett Harris. These are young Christians leading the charge in a growing movement of Christian young people who are rebelling against the low expectations of their culture by choosing to “do hard things” for the glory of God.

I had to ask myself if honoring your mother is one of those “hard things” that we as adults have neglected. Are we turning a blind eye to a commandment of God because we have less courage than these teens and are unwilling to do the hard thing, honor our mothers?

What does it mean to honor? According to the Greek translation of the word there are a few aspects to the word:

  • Give recognition of another’s work
  • Respect
  • Value Something as precious

Throughout scripture we are reminded of the honor we are to bestow on our heavenly Father.  Proverbs 3:9, Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase.

Honoring our mothers is an act of worship.  According to Ravi Zacharias, all worship to God must include: Emotion, reverence, sacrifice and purity of motive.

“Do hard things.”

If you are blessed with the best mom in the world then your task is easy. While I can honestly say my own mother has not been perfect, I am blessed with a gem that is easier to honor than many others I have met.

If God has given you a bit of a challenge I strongly encourage you to “do hard things”.  Find unique and precious ways to show your mother honor not just on mother’s day but everyday that He gives you breath!  By doing so you will not only be honoring God but as promised, “things will be well with you”!

Rich Black Forest Cake

Bake 350°F                                                                           60 – 70 min.

1-19oz Deep chocolate cake mix              1-4oz. Package chocolate instant pudding
¾ C water                                                      ½ C oil
1 C sour cream                                             4 eggs
3 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate chips                        1 can cherry pie filling
1 pint whip cream

Beat eggs until thick and foamy.  Add oil gradually.  Add remaining ingredients gradually and one at a time, adding sour cream last.  Mix well.  Pour into well-greased Large pan.  Bake.

Cool completely before cutting into 3 layers.  Spread bottom layer with cherry pie filling before adding second layer and repeating.  Add top layer last and frost with sweetened whip cream.

©2009, Bonnie Hooley

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