I have 3 kids and for a year now my family has been going through rough times. My boyfriend and father of my kids decided he wanted to be single. We continued to live togeather, and I prayed everything would work out. But it just got worse every month. I couldn’t sit buy and watch my family separate so I followed him and found he was with a girl and her son.

That broke my heart but i still continued to pray. Jan. 2009 he was diagnosed with cancer. When he got out of the hospital our kids and him and me moved into his parents house. Two weeks ago we decided it was best if me and the kids went back home.

Well a week later I got into a huge fight with my mother in law. The day after that he told me he wasn’t coming home and he needed to live his life. I talked to my kids and they are heart broken. They go to the alter every Sunday and ask God to change there dads heart so he can come home. This whole thing seems very wrong in my heart. I’m torn on how to pray for this. There are times I pray for God to restore my family and there are times I ask for my kids hearts to be healed. I would love to have my family whole again. I’m just lost and can’t see what God wants.

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