Continued Prayer

Hello.  I have found comfort in your website and the prayers for my family.  Back in February I asked you all to pray for me and my family.  Things started to get better and we began counseling.  However, the stress of our sick son and other things placed us back at the beginning, and this weekend my husband did walk out of our lives.  I think that God is giving me strength and some peace right now.  However, I want more then anything for us to get back together and work out our problems.  Please, please continue to pray for me and my husband.  I believe that God can fix this and make what is wrong right again.  He gives me mixed messages about our marriage and I’m so very confused as to what he really wants.  He refuses to tell me that he loves me and this breaks my heart over and over.  I feel so lost and confused.  He seems so angry over things that I can’t understand.  I don’t know what to do?  I pray that he finds God and finds some love to continue to work on our marriage.  Please continue to pray for me and my family?  Thank you!!

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