Financial Problems

I run my own business and my company has been in bad shape for the past years. Our debtors are not paying us, they have been missing in action. We couldn’t locate them. Sometime back, I’ve borrowed a sum o f money from my sis. Now that it’s been a while, she’s asking me back for the money. My sis is a persistent kind of person. She would not take ‘Later” for an answer. I’ve been suffering from her constant harassment in terms of words. She would call me everyday to ask me for the money. Right now, i couldn’t pay her back yet.

Two days ago, without checking our company balance account, I banked in the payment for my sis. I was hoping for a miracle to happen. At the back of my mind, I was hoping that my debtors would TT the money to us. But this morning, I’ve received a call frm the bank, my banker told me that our account has been overdrawn. My first thought was, “there’s no such thing as miracle” I am really losing my faith in God. Why do i have to go through these again? Before this, my company has been experiencing other financial prob too because of the previous management. So, it’s really a non-stop war at the company, I’ve been fighting to survive. And I thnk I’ve fought enough. There were times when the pressure was too much that i thought of commiting suicide. I just wanted these to end. Pls pray for my financial needs, my company and my home bills.

Thank you.

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