For My Children

I have been a foster parent for just over a year now. In September of last year I took in a 15 year old girl who is extremely troubled. Recently she decided to go to a friends for the weekend (which is not allowed) while she out she ended up stealing a car and of course got caught. Because i did not call her in as a runaway like I should have, they ended up taking the other two children in my home– one being my grandson and the other my 5 year old whom I have had for almost a year. Both of these children were close to being adopted by me.

Please pray that a determination will be made that my two children will be returned to my home. My children really need God’s favor right now so that their lives can get back to normal and that they can be back home where they belong. We have all been thrown into the Lion’s Den and I am struggling to hang on. I miss my children very badly! Please pray also that while they are away that God’s angels protect them and watch over them.

Blessings, Kim

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