A Mother and Grandmother’s Prayer

Goodmorning to all:

I am a grandmother of 5 and mother of 4 children.My husband and I have had many crosses to bare when it comes to our oldest daughter.

I am now 50 and am tiring out of the continuous stresses from her life.

She is now 29 has 4 children,was married for 3 years and now in the process of divorce. As a teenager she has always had a man in her life and we were hoping this would change with maturity but I am getting those unsettling feelings in my stomach that tells me something is not right.She usually calls and talks several times a day but for the past week she is hardly calling. Yesterday she didn’t even return my call until later in the evening.

Please pray for her and us. I pray alot but lately I am so preoccuped with this that I don’t think I am letting go and giving to the Lord. I need lots of prayer.

Thank You All

God Bless

Tammy McNaught

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