For my Nana

My name is Tasha and my grandma needs a lot of prayer right now.

Well on Christmas day she had 4 Heart attacks, and she crashed for 10 mins.
We would’ve lost her if they didnt bring her back. They said she has 2 ruptured lungs,and she doesn’t  have much oxygen to her brain.

They put her back on the breathing machine.

Her eyes are now set she doesn’t move her eyes they’re just looking in one spot, and she now can’t move her hands or anything and doesn’t respond to anything, or to anybody.

Yesterday The Doctors got the family together, and told us we were gonna have to make some strong decisions. We had to make the decision when we want them take the breahthing machine off. After they take the tube out they will only do cpr to get heart back going and that’s it.

So We Need many prayers that we can get for her. Shes a Christian lady. reads her bible and prays every day and goes to church everytime church doors are open. Shes Been the best nana and shes like a 2nd mother to me.


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