Get Glowing This Holiday Season

Are you Holidazed by the media?? You know, the special ads in the magazines with “Get that “Suzie Superstar” look with this product, all for $99.00…Or “Save Big with this Season Hottest colors” just buy this product to go with this product and layer it with?- and you too can look like a supermodel.

The good new is… You can achieve that Vogue cover look with a few inexpensive products. Something so simple right? – and it doesn’t have a Hollywood price tag to make it fabulous.

Youthful Bronzed Beauty

Nothing says glamour more than that Hollywood “Glow”, the dewy luminance skin made famous by the notorious Jennifer Lopez (we must credit Scott Barnes for his makeup expertise too). You can literally shave 10 years off by using the right products- first and foremost sunless tanning lotion or a bronzer is anti-aging (no sun damage and your dermatologist will love you), you’ll look slimmer with a tan (improving your self-esteem) and it will magnify your skin’s natural beauty.

Steps to achieve the J-Lo Glow

Body- Exfoliate skin and apply sunless tanning cream all over (instant body bling) if you want bronze skin- you can also use bronzing powder in its place.

Face- Use moisturizer and then primer (be sure moisturizer is dry first- also let your primer dry for 1-2 minutes before applying foundation).

Next apply your foundation and if needed concealer under eye

Mix a dab of foundation with concealer and apply to forehead, chin and bridge of nose (don’t make it look too wide or your nose will look bigger)

Dust lightly with powder

Use a pearlized shimmer (reflects light onto skin thus no Photoshop required) mid forehead, chin, bridge of nose, cheekbone- keep the center of your face lighter for a more youthful glow

Use bronzer under the cheekbone, sides of forehead and jaw line (gives a sharp and slimmer appearance) also frames the face. Be sure to blend and blend well.

Tip: Sparkle (in bronzers and other makeup mediums) is for younger ladies and well, for us experienced women- we need to use less sparks 🙂

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
— Elizabeth Kubler-

Eyes- Use a pearly light gold or beige from lid to crease- Apply a smokey brown/ shimmer (different from sparkle) from corner to corner (depending on eye shape)- below the brow add the highlighter (light gold) and dot the inner eye and below the lash line like a vertical <.

Apply liquid eyeliner with your eyes halfway open. Draw a short line at the beginning, middle and end of your lid and then connect the lines. Line your lower lash line with a pencil and blend. Just under your eyeliner use gold shimmer it will make your eyes pop!

Now you’re ready for mascara. Start from the base of lash and jiggle your way through to the tips, then do two complete sweeps from the lash base. As for bottom lashes, I suggest using a tiny fan paintbrush (find one at an art supply store). Dip the fan brush in mascara and slightly sweep bottom lashes (or just leave them bare).

For fuller lashes you can use false lashes like J-Lo does.
Brows- Use a taupe color (pencil or powder) use feather light strokes.

Lips- Exfoliate lips with a tooth brush with some non-petroleum jelly or balm (wait at least 20 min before applying lipstick) to get full luscious lips bypass the lip injections and use cinnamon oil- dab on your lips, the oil brings blood to the lips which causes the plumping (be sure to check it out on your forearm for allergies).

Now you’re ready to line your pout, use one that matches your lipstick (if you wear lipstick use a nude color or a light bronze shade ) or one like the universal color called “spice”- slick on some beige gold gloss and you are good to “glow”!

Nothing shines brighter without the inner-glow of the joy we get from our Lord and Savior! Let you light shine bright- not just for the “season” but throughout the year and ever after—He is after all the greatest gift anyone can receive—the gift that keeps on giving…

The best makeup of all is…Joy!

Psalm 119: 105: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

©2008, Shelly Ballestero

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