Candace Cameron on Weight Loss – US Weekly

CWO monthly columnist, Candace Cameron Bure, is on the cover of US Weekly discussing her weight loss success! Look for it in stores now.

Candace, who grew up in the stick-thin environment of Hollywood told US Weekly that her parents, “shielded me from that kind of pressure [weight loss]. It was important that I knew my value as a person and never struggled with my image on the outside.” Being 132 pounds at her heaviest, weight was never as much of a focus to Candace as feeling good about herself–both inside and out. Her focus these days is centered around family and faith, and at 110 pounds, Candace is content being the size that she is. 

Candace shares her weight loss story with readers, telling them how she lost 22 pounds and how you can lose weight too.  Candace has shared many weight loss tips with CWO readers in her monthly column Candid Candace. If you missed them–don’t worry–you can always find them here at CWO in “Candid Candace: The Q’s and A’s of Growing with God.” 

Read some of Candace’s weight loss articles:

“Giving Your Food Issues to God”

“The Secret to Staying Slim and Healthy”

Congratulations on the weight loss, Candace. You look great!

Watch a behind the scenes video of Candace at the US Weekly photo shoot: 

Visit Candace at her website:

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