Prayers for a family falling apart

I’m new at this so here goes.

Without giving too much info, my dad hit my mom, my mom constantly accuses my dad of cheating & they been married 47 years. Mom left dad, and is now living with my brother who lost his 4 year old baby girl in a car accident. The accident has caused severe strife in my brother’s marriage and is now thinking of divorce. Meanwhile his 16-year-old son is full of anger and hates the world, so gets into lots of trouble. My very oldest brother is a preacher but refuses to help his own family in need-especially his mom. Instead he tells me that he never loved his mother & now refers to mom as “that woman.” He said she is crazy and needs help. He also tells me of my sinful ways and puts down the rest of my family.

I grew up christian, but dont feel like it was right. I feel like it is rather a crazy cult and now my whole family is falling apart. I’m 30 and just dont know what to do.

My family needs relief from all this crisis. Mom won’t listen or forgive, Dad is too selfish and has anger problems, my very oldest brother loves to point fingers and be holier than everybody, my middle brother is trying to help mom & dad & grieve over the loss of his baby & hang on to his marriage & I’m just sad that everybody is not communicating and is messed up.

Our family is not a happy family. Especially when the oldest of all my siblings is always saying “repent”, and then he acts worse then all of them put together.

I’m sick of this. I’m at my end & just want my family back. Enough is enough.

Sorry to say all this, but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve exhausted my voice with therapist and exhausted my spirit trying to communicate with family.

Please pray for our family.

I know you guys are better at it than I am.

Thank you.

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  1. December 6, 2008 at 6:39 AM

    I am so sorry to read about this pain in your life. I know I am finding this months later. I pray that you have seen God’s Hand move in your situation with your family. I will pray for your family right now.

  2. January 7, 2009 at 6:06 AM

    I was trebible burdened for you when I read your story. I too have a family similiar to your’s. So I can relate to how you feel. I will lift you up in prayer and May God give you and your family the peace and joy you so desperately need.
    My husband and I have been together for 12 years married for 8, and we have 3 children. He had to daughters before our relationship. He moved out the Thursday before Thanksgiving in 2008. I feel like I have lost it. I turned 29 years old in December, and I am like you just tired of the way life is going. My oldest son is 9 and he is having a really hard time I think. He tries so hard to be strong, but inside I know this is so hard. I need prayer to, but mostly my children and my husband. Please pray for my family as well.
    May God bless you and give you the stenght you need to support your family. I will pray that your mother and father can learn to forgive each other and move on with their life. Remember put God first and he will take care of the rest. Also, Phil. 4:13 meditate on this verse,it helps. Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you.

  3. March 18, 2009 at 9:14 AM

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  4. January 4, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    So sorry for your pain. My family is falling apart too because of seven years of traumatic events which began with my husbands unemployment. I too am asking the same questions “what to do when my family is falling apart?” I pray a lot, do what I can each day to try and make things better. But.. it is still an ongoing mess. I do however trust that when things seem at their worst and so… dark, that is when God is most powerfully at work in our families. Perhaps because that is when we are most open to His grace, because we don’t have any answers-just lots of questions. Please persevere, don’t give up hope, and trust that God loves all of our families a lot. Even if we are messed up. Families in general are under attack these days, so we must “hold on to each other, and hold each other up in prayer. I hope your brother won’t leave his wife because their child died. This is when he and his wife need each other the most. When we are in crisis we need to turn towards each other and not away from each other in search of healing. Take care and I will keep everyone on this site in my prayers. God bless.

  5. Matha
    March 16, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    I have read most of the prayer requests and I have realised I am not alone. I am really crying for my family. I am a widow and overwhelmed by debts. It is like nothing works for me and I am tired and ready to pray like never before. I dont own property at all and it is like things are just passing me by. I am struggling so much and asking God where I went wrong. Rejection all over from the family I really sacrificed for.

    Being the first born in our family, I helped educate my siblings. Now they have all developed such a severe hatred towards me. One told me that I am an embarrassment to them as a first born as I am struggling too much. It is true but they forget that I spend all my resources on them and did not even think of investing. I know God used me but their words are so painful. Now, our late mother used to pray for unity for the family and salvation. My family members are always so sad and unreachable. They dont have a personal relationship at all with God and some of the things they are doing are so bad. My sister Anne who used to be my prayer partner has changed and goes spreading falsehood about me. She is my greatest critic and tells even people who are not concerned about me. Now, for the whole family, I feel that I should not allow the devil to destroy us.

    My sister Rose has been staying with a man (Fred) who beats her so hard and abuses her. She has taken loans for him to the tune of over a million which he is not paying to the Bank. She cooks for almost 5 hours for him and runs at night to his house where he moved to when they quarrelled and sleeps there then comes driving very early in the morning. She is behaving like one who is possessed,hypnotized, confused, blank stare like one who has taken drugs and she has developed a very explosive temper. The man calls my family beggars. That we are struggling. The man has even hidden her degree certificate. She treats the man like a small god.

    She chased away our cousin whom she helped get employment and then she has threatened she is going to stop her working there and not pay her salary for that month. This cousin comes from a poor family and when I talked to my sister, she was so rude and told me that she will still sack her. My sister was suspended from work one time and we interceded until she got her job back. She used to ask us to intercede for her and during that time, I used all my salary to help her sustain our dad and the other siblings. She has forgotten where the Lord has brought her from. I have been using my money on them even when they don’t return yet she cannot extend the same understanding to others. She even hides food. It is very strange.

    God has really blessed my siblings and I feel that we have failed God since it took the hand of God to help us. We are nine children and God provided miraculously. I was getting a very small salary but how I managed to educate and help take care of them, I know it is God. At least, I know the Lord is a loving father since he has even held my hand since my husband went to be with the Lord.

    My two brothers Philip and Simon are in depression. Pray for healing.

    My brother’s wife Sharon is so rude to her husband. She is earning so much money and looks down on him. She says without her, my brother would suffer. She also started from humble beginnings but now, after God blesses them, they become so proud and unreachable.

    I am staying in a slum. Pray that the Lord will provide so that I move to a house I am building even if to occupy one room as I work hard to finish the rest. I have realised that I have a problem of going forward. I seem to stagnate. That God will snatch us from the hands of the devil who is trying to destroy our family.

    My daughter Vero who is sitting for her exams at the end of the year. That the Lord will provide for her and that she will excel in life.

    Thank you for standing with me. God bless your Ministry.

  6. jade
    July 12, 2011 at 9:44 PM

    My son got divorced and his ex is drinking and neglecting my 9 year old grandaughter. I’m in so much pain over this and pray 24 hours a day. I watch my grandaughter during the day where I see a filthy house and no food in the fridge, etc. If I report this I could lose the time I have with my grandaughter and I can’t take that chance. Dear God help my family and show me what to do

  7. Carolyn Dehaan
    July 16, 2011 at 11:20 PM

    Dear Jade,

    In Canada we have a Grandparent clause in our courts. Have you the same in the U.S.A. ? I am very sure that you will still have the right to see her. Given the behavior of the Mother she could lose them from Child neglect. How does your Son feel about this situation ? If the right steps are taken the Courts could
    be granted Costody of her.

    Clearly in my mind as a Grandparent , I think you have good case for neglect
    by the mother.
    Find out all your options from Family Services, they have a Department that deals with this type of problem.

    What is your Sons position with his Daughter ? is he active ?
    Maybe you could make arragments with him to have you care for your Granddaughter if he gets cosody. ther are many options Jade, Have Faith, and do not be afraid.

    Carolyn Dehaan
    Calgary Alberta Canada t2t4j7

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