Prayers for a family falling apart

I’m new at this so here goes.

Without giving too much info, my dad hit my mom, my mom constantly accuses my dad of cheating & they been married 47 years. Mom left dad, and is now living with my brother who lost his 4 year old baby girl in a car accident. The accident has caused severe strife in my brother’s marriage and is now thinking of divorce. Meanwhile his 16-year-old son is full of anger and hates the world, so gets into lots of trouble. My very oldest brother is a preacher but refuses to help his own family in need-especially his mom. Instead he tells me that he never loved his mother & now refers to mom as “that woman.” He said she is crazy and needs help. He also tells me of my sinful ways and puts down the rest of my family.

I grew up christian, but dont feel like it was right. I feel like it is rather a crazy cult and now my whole family is falling apart. I’m 30 and just dont know what to do.

My family needs relief from all this crisis. Mom won’t listen or forgive, Dad is too selfish and has anger problems, my very oldest brother loves to point fingers and be holier than everybody, my middle brother is trying to help mom & dad & grieve over the loss of his baby & hang on to his marriage & I’m just sad that everybody is not communicating and is messed up.

Our family is not a happy family. Especially when the oldest of all my siblings is always saying “repent”, and then he acts worse then all of them put together.

I’m sick of this. I’m at my end & just want my family back. Enough is enough.

Sorry to say all this, but I don’t know what else to do. I’ve exhausted my voice with therapist and exhausted my spirit trying to communicate with family.

Please pray for our family.

I know you guys are better at it than I am.

Thank you.

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