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Candace Cameron Bure


Note: Candace is also a columnist here at CWO with
“Candid Candace ~ The Qs & As
on Growing with God.”

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It was an honor and a privilege for me to connect with the beautiful and talented actress, Candace Cameron Bure, this month. Many of us will remember Candace from ABC’s hit television series, Full House, where we knew her simply as “D.J.” This month, we get to meet the real Candace Cameron Bure, a woman who’s genuine faith in Jesus Christ, is reflected in both her public life, and in the “full house” which God has richly blessed her with.

As I mentioned in my opening statement, most of us remember you as the wisecracking teenaged sister on ABC’s hit television series, “Full House.” Are there many, if any, similarities between D.J. Tanner and yourself–aside from the obvious great head of hair?

Any similarities would be that we were the same age and both nice girls. Other than that….D.J. and I didn’t have much in common. I was a working child actor, going to the set each day, doing school with a tutor along with private/public school some years, traveling the world and doing such exciting stuff that a lot of people dream about. 🙂 D.J. was your typical big sister (oh–I’m the baby in my family) who went to school and high school dances.

Can you tell us about any recent television or big screen projects that you’ve been involved in?

Sure! I recently did an episode of Disney’s That’s So Raven. It will air this season. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite shows, and since I know the producers….we worked something out! I also just completed a Christian film by PureFlix called The Wager based on the book by Bill Meyer. It stars Randy Travis and will be out February 9 in selected theaters. It’s a modern day story of Job. I play the character Cassie/Maggie and she is unlike any character I’ve played before. It was fun!

We see that, unlike D.J. Tanner, you have a mother that is very involved in your life. Would this be an accurate statement, and if so, what influences has she had on you?

Yes, very accurate. My mom was with me most days on the set, taking me to and from auditions as well as all the normal stuff moms do. She was there for everything and still is a big part of my life today. She even helps out with the emails on my website! Her biggest influence on me is her heart. My mom is so generous and selfless, and has always had a home who’s doors were wide open for people. She has a real heart for the underprivileged and sick. I think that’s rubbed off on all of us Cameron kids.

How long have you been a Christian, and can you tell us a bit about that conversion?

Candace CameronWell, as it says in my testimony on my website, I asked Christ in my heart when I was 12 years old, but wasn’t a true Christian until I was about 24. We started going to church when my parents were having marital problems. After successfully staying together, I thought that I wanted Jesus to be in my life. I saw that it made so many other people happy and I wanted that happiness too. But I did not grow in my Christian walk through my teen years or even my early twenties. I just used God’s forgiveness and grace to live my life the way I wanted. I basically sinned knowingly, then prayed to God to forgive me for it, just to go back and do it again. Because my “sin” wasn’t as bad as other people’s (I never got mixed up in drugs, alcohol or took that well known “child star pitfall,” I figured I was a pretty good person and it wouldn’t bother God if I did things that were wrong. It wasn’t until I read the book The Way of The Master by Ray Comfort, that I understood the standard by which God is going to judge me: not by worldly standards, but the standard of the 10 commandments. It was then that I saw my need for a savior. No matter how good I thought I was on the Earth, I clearly don’t measure up to the 10 commandments. It was seeing my sin from God’s perspective and understanding that I would be judged the same as that person that was doing worse things than me. I finally got right with God and have been living a life for Him ever since.

Did being a “Hollywood Christian” cause any growing pains in your spiritual growth?

Thankfully, no…not while I was doing Full House. Even though I called myself a Christian, I didn’t live like one. Although I must say….I was still a goody-two shoes. 🙂 But now–yes, there have been several decisions I’ve made about work because of my Christian walk. I’ve turned down several TV series to stay home and raise my children. I’ve also turned down other roles because of content issues I feel so strongly about.

I was thrilled when I learned that both you and your brother, Kirk Cameron, were actively serving in Christian ministry. Can you tell me about any recent opportunities that God opened to you for His service?

I never thought I’d be someone who’d speak at churches and share my testimony with thousands of people. I can now see how God used the success of Full House to reach millions of people for Him. How cool is that? I also went on my fist mission trip to Africa last September. That was an incredible experience!

I’ve heard that you are married to NHL hockey star Valeri Bure. Can you dish with the women of CWO and tell us how you two met?

Dave Coulier (aka Joey Gladstone, Full House) introduced us at a hockey game. Val and his brother Pavel didn’t speak Candace and Familymuch English because they came over from Russia just 2 years before. Full House was one of the shows they watched every day in the States to help them speak the language. Val and I exchanged numbers that night at the game…and the rest is history. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary!

Being a mother of three children, you now have a “full house” of your own. Can you tell me what you find to be the greatest blessing of motherhood?

There are so many blessings being a mother. It’s hard to pick one. I love seeing my kids’ smiling faces every morning. The love they give me is priceless. They’ve taught me to have patience (although I’m still learning) and to have unconditional love. It puts God’s love in perspective me for. If I love my own kids that much–how much more does the Father love me?

Have your children had many opportunities to watch re-runs of Full House?

Oh yeah. They think the show is great! They love Michelle. And my daughter has to laugh and “eeeewwwww!” when I kiss a boyfriend!

Are you still in contact with any former members of the cast?

Yes, I talk to several of them. A lot of emailing.

If one of our readers is seeking to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as you do, are there any online resources that you would direct them too?

Yes! Not only is this the ministry of my brother, Kirk Cameron, it’s the very thing that got MY relationship with God right. There are all kinds of resources on there for the seeker of Christianity to the seasoned scholar.

In closing, can you leave us with one of your favorite Bible verses?

I love Acts 17:30,31a

“Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained.”

It’s not a feel good verse… it’s a verse of truth and urgency for eternity.

Candace I can’t thank you enough for joining us this month at CWO. I enjoyed you back then as D.J., and I enjoy you even more today, as Candace Cameron Bure. Your genuine spirit is well reflected in your words.

My family and I will be looking for you on That’s So Raven this season, The Wager in February , and of course, I’ll be visiting your website often. You’ll know it’s me, because, I’ll be the one lurking at 2 am. 🙂

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Candace Cameron Bure

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