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Shera is the mom of 6 sons, ages 12, 10, 9, 5 & 2 year old twins. She and her husband have been married for 15 years. With three in school, three at hom


e and a variety of sports for the boys, her life is pretty crazy. Amidst the chaos, Shera strives to find peace and an ever closer walk with Christ.  Encouraging and supporting moms through writing, blogging and devotions are a daily part of her life.  Although she looks forward to a day when the perpetual mountain of laundry turns into a molehill, she tries to treasure each day with her sons as they grow.

What is the title of, and where can we find your blog?  My blog is called A Frog In My Soup and it’s atAFrogInMySoup.com.

What is the topic or topics that you find yourself writing about the most?  
Hmmm,  there are many subjects, but the most frequent is a combination motherhood and faith.  Supporting moms through life, reality checks, devotions, and more.  I even write occasionally about great products, books and shops, offering reviews and contests.

What or who prompted you to start blogging, and when did you start?
I started blogging 3 years ago when I found it increasingly difficult to scrapbook and journal memories for my children after the birth of my twins.  I was desperate to get these memories written somehow and discovered blogging. Through the course of documenting these memories, I rediscovered my lifelong love of writing!  The amazing platform of blogging and the equally incredible mom blogging community were a wonderful discovery.

Are there any other women that you’ve connected with through blogging? And if so, how did you meet them?   
Wow, I’ve met so many wonderful women, there’s absolutely no way to list them all. I feel so very blessed to have met them, and built relationships with some of them outside of blogging.

Hosting various columns for some blogs or blogging groups is one way, another way is through mutual blogs visited, Christian blogging and Mom blogging groups.

How much thought and time do you generally put into each post? 
Depends on the post.  Devotions are written as I feel led, these can be fairly quickly constructed or occasionally written over time.  Memories and life events are fairly quick, but I’d say that I spend an average of a half hour to an hour writing each post.

What are some of the other websites or blogs that you write for?
I write for, and am administrator of, Faith Lifts, which is a daily devotional site for moms, I also host “The Sampler,” a weekly column at 5 Minutes for Mom. Occasionally I write other articles for 5 Minutes for Mom as well.  Oh, and I also have a blog that is solely for reviews atFroggyReviews.com.

What are some of your hobbies or accomplishments outside of blogging?  
I love to scrapbook and as I mentioned earlier I had to pretty much give that up when the twins were born.  I recently have discovered digi-scrapping though and I’m very excited about the possibilities that offers me.  I also design blogs and shops for women through my companySweet ‘n Simple Design. I guess you could say that I found a creative way to incorporate blogging and scrapbooking into most aspects of my life.  I love creating very personal blog designs for moms and my motto is “every blog should be as unique as the mom behind it.”

What struggle if any have you experienced with keeping your blog up? 
There are times when I go through a “dry” spell and don’t feel as inspired.  I find that when this is the case it’s typically because I’m not scheduling my time well.

What are some of your favorite blogs? 
In all honesty, between my posting schedule, designing and writing I don’t have nearly enough time to visit blogs like I used to!  A couple of my best bloggy friends though are My Cup 2 Yours and Becoming Me.  There are definitely a few others I try to visit, but these are the most regular ones.

Can you leave us with a Bible verse that God has placed on your heart? 
“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”
–2 Timothy 1:7 KJV  

As a mom it is very easy to forget verses like this, and instead, to live in fear and chaos.  It is so important that we remember and claim the promises of God each day for our lives!

Is there anything that you’d like to add in closing? 
I believe that every mom has been given a great gift.  Not just their children, but the lessons, love and purpose that can be found through motherhood. I also understand how challenging and overwhelming motherhood can be for some moms, and through my blog I hope to reach out to them and offer tangible, Christ-centered encouragement.

Visit Shera at her blog: AFrogInMySoup.com

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