We Have Another Victory

We Have Another Victory!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying. WE HAVE ANOTHER VICTORY!

As I write this Sokhan is driving back with the five children whose father murdered their mother last week. It will be late, after dark, before they arrive. I can’t begin to imagine how hard this must be for the children, especially for the oldest girl who is 15 and feels responsible for her little brother and sisters the youngest of whom is only 3.

Please don’t stop praying!!! Now we have the challenge of giving comfort and love to these kids and to help them feel secure and able to go on with their lives. We could never dare try to do this without the Lord Jesus. Pray that we might have an ocean of His love to give to them.

This morning we were told of three more children. Their oldest brother is in a Christian university dorm in Phnom Penh. Recently the father died and then the mother got sick. Without money for medicine she fell into despair and committed suicide leaving 3 young children. The university student has gone to Battambang for the funeral and we are sending word that he should bring his younger siblings to us.

Can we count on you to support all of us with your prayers?


for all of us at Place of Rescue

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