From a Praying Mom

Hi –

It was three years ago today that Sara was in the hospital and was gravely ill. I’ll never forgot how they wheeled her away into the PICU, and I stood in front of her hospital room window, looking at the sunset and praying frantically. When I followed her to the PICU, they had me wait outside while they got her into her bed. I waited for approximately a half an hour. In that time frame, I prayed to Mary to save her. I prayed the rosary. I asked Mary to intercede on my behalf. When I walked into to see Sara, I was expecting to see the worst. What I saw instead was a groggy young lady, just out of a coma, sitting on a stool and talking with a doctor. I looked at the doctor and said “what just happened”? They couldn’t answer how or why she was pulled out of her coma, or why her temperature broke from 106* to 102* in the matter of a few minutes. All I could say is that it was a miracle.

I am praying for another miracle today, three years to the day of that miracle. I am praying for her return to her family and her faith. Can you please join in with me and pray for this as well? Thank you.

Love, Val

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