Debt Proof Living: The Complete Guide to Living Financially Free

Debt-Proof Living:
The Complete Guide to Living Financially Free

(DPL Press, 2005)
By Mary Hunt

Every time I check my mail, I get at least half a dozen credit card offers. Buy now, pay later, right? Do you ever go to Target or shop E-Bay and buy products that are just irresistible, but you don’t really need? It’s hard to stay out of debt in our modern-day culture, but Mary Hunt has some divine solutions for us all.

She writes, “We need the courage to understand that money is not for spending. It is for managing first and then for spending. We need to see money not as power or prestige but as protection–God’s provision for our physical and material needs.”

If you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, which Hunt calls “The Edge,” take heart. This book will offer you a refreshing view of how to manage your money, debt-proof your attitude, and build wealth on an ordinary income. No more wondering, worrying, or whining; the answers to your financial woes are within these pages.

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