Spotlight on ‘Good Girl’ Kerri Pomarolli

When I recently discovered “good girl” Kerri Pomarolli, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the undeniable charisma that she holds. Not only is Kerri adorable, she’s a talented actress, author, and comedian. She’s the kind of woman you Photoshop on PMS days just to get even, and I would–but a) I’m over my PMS, and b) I like this woman too much!

Kerri is gifted with a knack for wit. She uses this gift to entertain, but she also uses her gift to minister to women with laughter, prayer and inspiration.

After moving to LA to pursue her dreams, Kerri was met with success, but despite the newfound fame, she hungered for something deeper—a closer relationship with God.

It was evident to Kerri that God heard the cry of her heart, when the very next day things started to change. She got involved in a ministry called “Act of Faith,” and through that was soon led to stand up comedy. Kerri says, “Not only did He want me to talk about HIM, He wanted me to do it in Hollywood where He wasn’t getting much stage time. I said YES and everything took off from there. It’s been my honor and passion to go out, talk about HIM and what He’s doing in my life, to people from all walks of life—and I’m loving every minute of it.”

We’re loving every minute of it too! One stop at Kerri’s website, shows us just what an inspiration she is—testimony after testimony reveals the heart behind the humor.

Kerri has a new book recently published through Zondervan, entitled ““If I’m Waiting on God Then What Am I Doing in a Christian Chatroom?” It’s a great read for single women who are still in search of Mr. Right, and it offers a laugh for us married women who remember those days only too well.

Kerri’s also a contributing writer in Flint Wainess’ new book “It’s Not Me It’s You.” She’s just signed a book deal to collaborate with author Matthew Paul Turner on an upcoming book, and is part of a new book “Relevant Nation 50 Revolutionaries Under 40” due out Fall 2006 to be published by Relevant Press.

If that doesn’t keep her busy enough, Kerri’s television credits include over 27 appearances on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, and Lifetime Network. She has been a popular guest on many TV shows on ABC, FOX, TBN, CBN, The Total Living Network, ABC Family Network and many others. She’s appeared on radio, newspapers, and magazines, and writes a bimonthly advice column for the new national magazine Radiant.

I asked Kerri , “What do you consider as your first big break?”

“I could say my first big break was when I moved to LA and got on the “Price is Right” and bid $1500 for a $300 dishwasher and got booed by the audience. Then Bob laughed at me so it was my first “TV Laugh,” but then again I might have to say it was my first appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I had auditioned for the casting director and on Thanksgiving Day 1999 he called and asked me to do a skit. My grandmother was on her death bed literally in Florida from a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. They kept saying she was going to pass away and then I would of course have to go to the funeral and not the TV set. But miracles of miracles..she hung on and even had the TV going in the hospital.

I wore her precious ring that was given to me when I was on the show and I knew she somehow was rooting for me even though she’s wasn’t conscious. Shortly after, she went to Heaven and she’s been getting me auditions ever since! Several years later her sweet husband, another love of my life, Eli, my grandpa, went to heaven. Two months later I started dating my husband and one month after he got up there, we captured Saddam Hussein!”

I should have asked if Jay Leno has a separate dressing room for his chin, but I guess I can save that question for next time. 🙂

There’s so much more than can be said about the adorable Kerri Pomarolli that isn’t said here, so be sure to visit her website at, watch her video clips, and pick up a copy of her book.

I’ll close this piece by giving you a sneak peak at Kerri’s comic strip, based on a character from her book. Enjoy ladies!

Kerri Pomarolli’s Website


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