How Do You Feel About Public Schools?

First of all, I just want to say that I grew up watching you on “Full House.”  I was about 10 when I first watched it, now I’m 27 and I have the entire DVD collection. It’s funny how “Full House” has always been one of my favorite shows, I still enjoy today, and now my son watches it with me. He’s 7, and knows everyone’s name.

I have a question. How do you feel about public schools? Being a Christian, it’s hard for me to be supportive of our country’s public schools when they don’t teach values or responsibility. I have had so many issues with the schools that my son has attended, and he’s only been in school for two years.

I look at it as the blind leading the blind, yet they’re the ones that are setting the students up to be our foundation, as we get older. I hate to see how this world is going to try to function with less intelligent people than those we have already.


Thanks for your email. Glad you’re enjoying “Full House,” from one generation to the next. 😉

Public schools. Yeah, it’s a tough one. Although I strongly encourage Christian schooling or home schooling with a Christian-based program, I’ll also say that my brother and sisters, and I all went to public school most of our lives, and my dad was a public school teacher for more than 35 years. I think we did just fine. 🙂

While I can look at public schools and feel generally disappointed with them, I believe that a school is as good as your child’s teacher. Having a loving, well-educated person, who loves what they do, can make the difference regardless of the school. I have some close friends who are Christians and are public school teachers and principals. They choose to stay in the public school system because they want to be a light to those children who may not otherwise see it at home. No, they’re not allowed to share openly in class and no, they can’t teach creation, but trust me, they are doing the best they can to represent Christ in all they do. I believe it’s important to get to know your child’s teacher, and talk with the school, if you feel there may be another teacher better suited for your child.

As I’ve said before, my children go to a private Christian school. I’m sure they will continue to as long as we’re able to afford it, or if our travels and sports take us in another direction, the other option would be home schooling for me.

While I choose not to have my children educated by the public school system, I still think it’s our responsibility to work with our government on local levels to create the best environment for children in public schools. We should have educated, hard working, well-paid teachers, and fight for issues like keeping God in the pledge of allegiance. Just because my child doesn’t go to a public school, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t fight for all the other children in our country. 😉

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