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Love what you’re doing and think you look amazingly beautiful! ‘Full House’ would still be considered as one of my favorite shows! They just don’t make them like that anymore–good clean fun!

I checked out your website and was reading this question and answer column when I came across the answer to your secret for keeping fit! First time I’m hearing of Pilates (strange pronunciation to boot!) I looked it up on Wikipedia, and found it grouped with Yoga. There are a lot of things said against doing Yoga, so I was wondering whether Pilates would fall into the same group. What are your thoughts on Yoga too?


Great question! I tried Yoga on and off about 9 and 10 years ago, but always felt uncomfortable with the “meditation.” I loved holding the positions as they strengthen your body immensely, but could never put my finger on the thing I didn’t like about it. Over the years, I too have read several articles on Yoga and the spiritual dangers of it. I’ve stayed away from it–although I’m not saying it’s a ‘sin’ to do it. It’s just my preference. Pilates on the other hand does not fit into the same category. It is not about meditation and contacting your inner self. It is strictly moves on either a mat, a reformer, a chair or tower that all work to strengthen your core; resulting in long, lean muscles. It’s amazing and the best workout I’ve ever done. The breathing is important only so your core is working properly; not for spiritual reasons.

Try it! I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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