The Freedom to Change

Autumn brings more than just falling leaves. It brings a cool breeze, vibrant colors and change. It also seems to be the season for moving.

I finished packing last month and moved down to Texas where I am now unpacking all the boxes, trying to find room for everything. Some days it seems there are more boxes to unpack than I remember packing. It’s quite a challenge having to re-organize and re-think my storage choices when I was so used to the set-up I had. But give me a month or two and hopefully everything will have a place.

My sister is in the midst of moving. She’s living in South Carolina and starting a new job while her husband is back in Ohio within weeks/months of retiring and selling their house. T. Suzanne Eller, one of the Boomer Babe Bloggers is also moving. Her recent dilemma was what to keep and what to throw away from her clothes closet. Change.

Have you recently downsized and moved to a smaller home? How did you decide what stays and what goes or make more storage where there is none?

This next year will be a study in patience and pared back living for me – and I’m happy to say that I’m actually looking forward to what God is going to do in our lives in this new journey. My husband is settling into his new job and has had his first real estate sale (and closing) and he’s getting into the flow rather well. I’m looking forward to writing my third novel and releasing my next non-fiction book in February. Change.

I am also finding myself at a crossroads, as are many boomer women, regarding my business strategy and plan to shift some projects in order to focus more on those things that are priority – blogging, writing and speaking. Change.

With each change, regardless of size or degree, it’s comforting to know that God has ordered our steps. It also brings a certain freedom as we walk out those steps. Freedom to enjoy the journey. Freedom to watch as the change brings new friends, opportunities and yes, even new ways to organize all our stuff. By the way, do we really need all this stuff to survive?

I’ve found that as I begin to move with the change, rather than fight it, I am learning to give up other things, such as a dependence on email. It once drove me to endless hours in front of the computer. Now, I’m learning to enjoy the change, albeit self-imposed, to not be a slave to my computer. I’m learning to enjoy the beautiful Texas sunrise and cool evening breeze from my patio.

Change doesn’t always come easy. Some changes are sudden and unexpected – the loss of a loved one, a job or a home. Others happen after many years of working and planning to make them come to fruition. Then there are those changes that are just life – wrinkles, bifocals, and menopause. Change.

Regardless of the circumstances you currently face, there will be change. With each minute that passes by there is change. The change of seasons often causes us to reflect on the changes in our lives. I’m just thankful that through it all, one thing remains the same – Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. On that I can rest, be at peace and move forward in the midst of chaos, unpacked boxes, and change.

©2007, Allison Bottke

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