Husbands Leading the Home

I have read that your husband is the head of your household and I agree with that, but has it always been that way? When we first got married my husband did not know how to balance a check book and stuff like that, so he wanted me to do all of it. I would like him to make more decisions and feel comfortable with them.

I want to help him understand more about Christ, and for him to be the head of our household without making him feel that I just don’t want to take care things. Please advise.


My husband was made to be a leader. There’s no getting around it for me. Because of that, it does make it easier for me to follow since he has a dominant personality. But I know several wives whose husbands are on the laid-back side, and want their moms–I mean wives–to do most everything.

Don’t worry though; he can still lead your home. Start by praying for your husband to be the spiritual leader of your household. Pray that he would come to know Christ. Pray that God would work on you to be the wife He’s called you to be. You shouldn’t be afraid to sit down and have a chat with your husband. In love, tell him that you respect him as the man of the house and you would love for him to make more decisions for the family. Just remember not to balk at him if he makes lousy ones in the beginning. This will only make him feel disrespected and he’ll eventually tell you to just keep doing everything since he never seems to do it right. He’ll need your support and encouragement. Don’t nag or get upset. If he isn’t used to leading, he’s not going to magically become a great leader overnight. It will take time, effort on your part, as well as patience and a lot of prayer.

As far as certain jobs around the house, there are some things you may do better, and that’s OK. Like paying the bills. I pay the bills in my home too. Yes, my husband knows about our finances and oversees all of it, but as for writing checks, filing and organizing, I’m the woman for the job. Val delegated that duty over to me because I’m better at it. If your husband isn’t comfortable with managing money and you’ve been gifted in that field, it’s OK to make those decisions. Just make sure you put aside time with your husband to present him any major changes in the budget and discuss new investments you may be thinking of. Make sense?

I hope this has helped.

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