Author: Bonnie Hooley

Bonnie’s Kitchen is a monthly column that is sure to get you excited about entertaining, by offering simple ideas and recipes that make every event a special occasion. Bonnie’s favorite scripture is found in Philippians 1:20, “…Christ shall be magnified in my body…” One of the best ways that she's found to live out that scripture is through entertaining. Her love for family, friends, recipes and dishes has worked naturally into this. When Bonnie's not in the kitchen, she is Vice-President of one of the largest Trustee firms in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, Canada. She sits on the board of her church and Kingdom Investments. She is past president of MAIRP. Her passion is Christ. The love of her life is her awesome husband of 25 years.

Embrace the Season!

And as it was budding, its blossoms came out, and its clusters produced ripe grapes. Genesis 40:10b (NAS) As winter memories fade we begin to see new life springing forth everywhere we look. Tender shoots once again push their way…