A Little Time “Out” ~

“When the Deer Come”

From walls of trapped urgency,
time-ticks of need,
I slam into the blush of fading day

sudden and soundless
they appear
from trees and hollowed slopes
long-limbed doe, spotted fawns
nuzzle backyard grass,
dining in the dusk.
unhurried feast blurs the border
between wild and me.

doe’s eyes find my face; we both freeze.
the great earthen chest breathes in & out
I sink into coexistence,
this trusting communion.

exhale hushed, I yield to fragile waiting –
she bows her head and stays.

somewhere close, the river
runs east to the sea.
out there, all those fish leaping free.

somewhere close, all this life –
gardenias and delphinium,
loblolly pines, oaks and maples untamed.

only a backyard in the space between.

the sun sets
and this is the world at rest

no matter my striving & sorrow & strain.

when the deer come,

I am stilled.
small enough to remember
I am seen.

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