Blood Stains (Part 1)

By Sharon Curtis

From the splintered cross they took Him
Removed the thorns and nails
They laid His body on the ground
As the world around me pales.

As I looked upon His battered form
I took Him in my arms
As I had done so long ago
On the day that He was born.

My endless tears break forth again
These never ending streams
As I gently lay a kiss once more
Upon my Son, Saviour and King.

Your blood mixes with my tears
Brings stains upon my clothes
From deep within my breaking heart
A cry bursts from my soul.

“My Son, My Son, how can this be?
How can this be Your end?”
King of love, King of peace!
This I cannot comprehend.

We take You to the tomb
So dark and so alone
I cannot bear to leave You here
As they roll across the stone.

I walk away so slowly
My body weighed with grief
I look down and see the blood stains
My mind filled with disbelief.

The dark of night surrounds me
Like the darkness in my soul
If I sleep I’ll see You in my dreams
When awake ~ none can console.



About the Author:
I live  in the Northern Territory of Australia.  I have 4 adult children.  My husband is a mango farmer.  I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old and just love to write poems about my Saviour.

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