The Armor of God: For the Road

Marilyn Monroe sang “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and, sure, diamonds are great.  Who wouldn’t want a little sparkle in her life?  But — I think that song chose the wrong accessory.  In my opinion, shoes are a girl’s best friend.  There are a million different kinds of shoes, a pair for every mood.  Whether they’re expensive, cheap, or in between — shoes are loved by women everywhere.  Shoes can make an outfit… with a cute pair on your feet, you feel like you’re out to conquer the world when you step through your front door.  So, for me, the 15th verse of Ephesians Six describes something I’m totally interested in — the footwear this armor provides.

The verse goes like this: “…and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace….” So we are to put on the ‘preparation’ of the gospel of peace… and this means what, exactly?  I’ll tell you what it means to me.  I’m sure there are several interpretations, but this is the one that rings true for me right now.  We put on our shoes to go.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m at home, I’m usually barefoot.  I don’t put on shoes until I’m headed out the door, with a plan and a purpose.  You have to have shoes to go into stores, restaurants, schools… wherever you go, your shoes are a protection and a foundation.

Throughout His ministry, there are times when Jesus tells someone to go — to go and sin no more.  To go unto all the world, teaching about Him.  Here, Paul is telling us to be prepared for action.  What action?  To go.  We are called to spread the love of God, to tell others about the sacrifice of Jesus, to be a light in the world… to share the gospel of peace.  So we need that good foundation for our feet… standing on the Word protects us, propels us, and gives us a foundation that won’t fail.  When we have that foundation, we can go.  Wherever your destination might be, you can handle the journey with this footwear.

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