Our Sisters Along the Way

written by JoAnn Crane
A caring friend once sent me a note with this saying:
Friends in life are like the pillars on your porch.
Sometimes they hold you up, and sometimes you lean on them.
But most often it is enough to know that they are just standing by.”

How true this is, for none of us desire to stand alone when facing all this world has to throw at us.  As pleasant as it would be, we cannot transform ourselves into a superwoman who is impermeable to the darts that the devil will certainly throw our way.  Each of us come into this world without the assurance of a smooth journey as we travel our road of life.  Without any warning we will face sudden sharp curves, rough highways and unexpected detours along the way.  Then just when we think we are in the clear, we see dark clouds looming up ahead.

Isn’t it comforting to know that when these times come, we can be reassured in knowing that Jesus is our constant Companion?  But wait, there is more!  As an added blessing, He also sends into our lives “sisters in Christ,” who are ready to come to our side in our hours of need.  What a blessing these sisters can be through the tearful and disheartening times when we so need encouragement and prayer to move us forward.  Yes, each of us will at some time or another, need someone in our life to help us continue on.  When we want to stop along the way and throw our arms in the air, we can take a deep breath and find comfort in knowing that there is a sister in Christ ready to encourage and pray us on.

Without a doubt our trials will make us stronger.  Our trials bring us closer to Him— Emmanuel (God with us).  With the Master by our side, we stay focused on His guidance.  He is the spiritual fuel we need that will enable us to keep going when the road becomes rough and we desperately want to sputter and stop.

His Word and wonderful promises allow us to face each obstacle that is hiding around every bend.  He alone gives us the strength to climb the steep road that rises ahead of us along life’s journey.  Traveling our road with Jesus, we find peace for the journey.  Each new trial matures us spiritually and we become that special woman He desires us to be!  As He molds and moves us along in His strength, we also are surrounded by prayer and encouragement from our “sisters in Christ.”  How blessed we are!  For certain, our lives will never be free of tears and fears, but we are given grace for the journey and the sweet peace of knowing that He will see us through.   Yet what an extra special blessing He has given us through our “sisters in Christ”!

When we ask Jesus into our heart and life, He lives within us, and we now have a natural desire to reach out to others in the likeness of Him.  So dear sister, let us encourage, reach out, and pray for each other along the way.  Let us look for opportunities to be a sister that encourages and prays someone along  the way!  May we be sensitive to each others needs, and the needs of those who still need to hear the wonderful message of salvation!

About JoAnn:
I have been writing for myself and journaling for over 5 years.  Since I began working on a book called My Sister, We Travel Together my life has been thrown into a whirlwind: my own female health issues, my husband and I were both injured in a head-on accident, my closest sister in Christ was  diagnosed with ovarian cancer & passed away, and then only two months after her passing I myself faced surgery for an ovarian mass.  Looking back, I believe and know that my Lord was molding me to become a stronger woman, one anchored securely to Him.  As a sinner saved by grace, I have experienced divorce, drugs and the horror that abortion brings into our life.  My heart’s true desire is to comfort another soul along the way, and tell them of the saving grace through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I pray that each day, the Lord will place on my path that “someone” He desires me to reach out to and speaks to my heart with words especially for her!

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