Curb Appeal

It is a great time of year to give some attention to the front of our homes. Besides the obvious need to mow the grass, pull the weeds and wash some windows, what can we do to give our house the “wow factor” known as curb appeal?

A few quick changes can make even an average home stand out from the rest. Whether you are thinking of selling your home or simply want to welcome guests to your front door, here are three ways you can give your home the curb appeal it deserves.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of paint
It is amazing what paint can do for a front door, porch, hardware or fence. You might be used to looking at that worn front step, but after a few dollars of paint and a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll be asking yourself what took you so long to paint it! Freshening up the door, front porch, a bench or fence can dramatically affect your home’s curb appeal.

2. Pack in the personality
Does your house look identical to every other house on the block? Does it feel tired and predictable? Infuse your space with personality. Avoid the expected and give your home the WOW factor! Look for something special to take your home up a notch in curb appeal — interesting lighting, a unique mailbox, accessories, door hardware, attractive house numbers or that daring color on your front door.

3. Create friendly borders
Plants, gates and fencing can create a charming and welcoming entrance to your home. But if you go overboard, you end up with a foreboding look that says, “Keep out.” Cutouts in fences and gates, low shrubs, and plants in containers all can provide a good balance between privacy for you and a cheerful invitation to “come on in” for your guests.

Most importantly, have fun with caring for your home! It isn’t about impressing the neighbors; it is about taking care of what you have been blessed with and sharing it with others. Creating curb appeal is like saying to every one who walks up to your door, “Welcome to our home, we are so glad you are here.”

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