Electrical Bill

I have a urgent prayer request. I have an electric bill due by the 26th for $500+. the whole bill is over $1,000, but they want a little over $500 by next week. I’ve talked to the electric co. & my management office, but to no avail. I don’t believe the charges are justified. last year, PEPCO overcharged me and ended up giving me over $300 credit. I believe I’m due a credit again. it’s just me, and I don’t use that kind of electricity, even with the heating. I pay $130 monthly on the average payment plan, and with them billing me between $245 and almost $300 a few months, it’s really added up.

first of all, I don’t have $500 and second of all, I don’t feel I owe them that much money. they say I do; I say I don’t. my management office hasn’t gotten back to me yet from the letter I wrote them. I’ve been to them 3 different times.need urgent prayer. don’t want my electricity to be shut off next week. need God to move on my behalf.

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