Anxiety over Situation

I’m coming to you to ask for your prayers… I am a newly divorced woman who is working on my relationship with the Lord and enjoying and learning every day. For that I am joyful and grateful! I trust in our Lord with all my heart without doubt but I cannot shake my fear, worries and anxiety concerning my finances. I’m running out of money that I recieved when I seperated 2 years ago when I seperated from my husband and work very minimal part time.

My housing and utilities are very expensive and I don’t know what to do next. I’m looking for cheaper housing that will have enough room for my 2 children , myself and our pets who I refuse to give up. We love them dearly and they are our family and gods creatures. I have been praying and asking god to guide me consistently and I want to hear him as well as obey him.

Please pray for us, please pray that we can find an affordable place to live and a decent paying full time job. I know that God will sustain us but I still feel panic… God forgive me.

I will continue to deepen my walk with Him and never give up!

Thank You


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