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Martin Luther said, “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.”  Spring is the beginning of all things new. By receiving His resurrection from death we enjoy a new life.

John 11:5 says, “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

I have been excited for the month of April; three of my favorite authors have new books.  Amy Wallace completes her Defenders of Hope series with Enduring Justice. Be sure to visit my personal blog to see an interview I did with Amy.  Patti Lacy’s books are ones you walk away from changed.   She captured my heart in An Irishwoman’s Tale and she does it again with her newest book What the Bayou Saw—Lacy shares Sally’s story of how God never lets us go.  Finally, Terri Blackstock’s Double Minds, is a hard-to-put-down book that will have you flipping the pages quickly to solve the mystery.

Happy Easter!  Happy spring!

He is not here: for he is risen….
Matt 28:6

Enduring Justice
By Amy Wallace
Multnomah Books
336 pages

Hanna Kessler has been running away from a secret that happened over 20 years ago.  She has managed to keep her secret but with recent past events and a new case, her brother, Steven and boyfriend Michael are working on, it threatens to bring all her secrets into the light.

Michael Parker, Crimes Against Children FBI agent, is recovering from his last assignment, when a new case emerges of a missing white supremacist who kidnaps an Asian child.  While trying to solve this case, Michael comes face to face with Hanna’s past.

This is the third book in Amy Wallace’s Defenders of Hope series (see Ransomed Dreams and Healing Promises).  Enduring Justice is another multilayered FBI suspense novel that will keep you hanging on to your seat until the last page.  While struggling with the fine line between revenge versus justice, Michael Parker learns to rely on God while the storms of life are raging.  Amy does a beautiful job in bringing her characters to life that you feel like part of the family.  I look forward to more of Amy Wallace’s books!

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What the Bayou Saw
By Patti Lacy
Kregel Publishers
336 pages

I have heard the saying, “Listen to your child they have much wisdom.” Sally Stevens went against her parents and society’s racial views in 1963 when she became best friends with an African American.  As little girls Ella and Sally secretly played with each other after school. Then one day their friendship changed resulting in a dead body and a blood oath between the two of them to never speak of it again.

It was not until one of Sally’s students at the local college was attacked, did these suppressed memories of that horrible day begin to surface.  Sally lived her life trying to escape her childhood secrets, but the lies began to catch up with her and God had her face them head on.

Patti Lacy has become one of my favorite authors.  I enjoy the depth of her characters and how her stories challenge me, the reader, to look inside my own heart.  I know when I pick up one of her books I will walk away changed for the better.

Double Minds
By Terri Blackstock
309 pages

Fiction writer Terri Blackstock, other wise known as the author of “Up-All-Night” fiction does it again!  Singer/Songwriter Parker James has been working during the day to pay bills while moonlighting as a song writer during the night.  Following God is Parker’s first passion, music is her second.  Parker’s talent as a song writer is recognized when one of her songs sung by popular singer Serene, hits the charts.   Competition in the music world is tough—even deadly.

A young woman is murdered in the recording studio where Parker James works.  High level corruption is discovered by lead investigator Gibson, who is also Parker’s brother.  Parker realizes even in the Christian industry compromise and corruption runs rapid.  Parker is also asked to compromise what she believes in and the result could mean her dreams coming true.

“Double Minds” deals with the subject of compromise and insecurity while taking you on a wild ride through corruption in the music industry.  Parker struggles with figuring out God’s will for her life.  I love the authenticity of Parker’s struggle to compromise her beliefs with the temptation of fame.  This book opened my eyes to the pressures many Christian music artists have while trying to stay faithful to God.  How far does a Christian go to reach non-believers through secular means?  This book will have you thinking even after the last page is turned.

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