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Hi Friends!

As you may have noticed, I don’t have a Q & A posted this month. Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some exciting things that are happening in my life!

If you didn’t see recently on the AOL home page, entertainment news,  Facebook, MySpace or my website page…. I signed on to do a new television series called “Perfect 10” for the ABC Family Channel! “Make It or Break It” is a one hour drama that follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight. My character (yet to be named) will be the step-mom to one of the gymnasts.

I’m really looking forward to being back on television and on a show I hope will be as family friendly as Full House. As an actor, I don’t have much say in what is written in the script or what the story lines will be, but I’m sure the producers will be open to hearing our thoughts. I do know, that because this show is based around a group of teenagers, there will most likely be topics that may not be suitable for young children. As moms, we  must use discretion and discernment with all things on TV regardless of the network it’s on or the time of day it airs.

As most of you know, I’ve devoted the last 10 years to staying home and raising my kids. Being a wife and a mother are two of the most important things in my life and they will always come first. So why the sudden change of heart, to go back to work? I could just blame it on the economy….. 😉 but actually the desire to act has never left me. I willfully laid down that desire to follow God’s path for my life which meant putting my acting career on the back burner for a while. All I’ve wanted is to just be in God’s will, no matter what that has meant; even giving up dreams. But God doesn’t place those dreams and desires in our hearts for nothing. It’s just been a matter of His timing to allow them to happen. Since my husband retired from hockey a few years ago and is a stay at home dad, that has allowed me to travel and speak across the country sharing my faith in churches and at conferences. Once that started happening, through prayer and discussion, did Val and I decide that going back to work may be a possibility should God open up those doors again.

And boy did He swing them wide open! The past year and a half has been a rolling snowball of speaking events, interviews, talk shows, radio, movies, books and television. To be honest, we were quite surprised how fast it’s all happened. We are so excited as a family and yet we are diligently staying in the Word to discern God’s path and not be lead astray by the glittering stars and lights.

As we move into a new season in our lives, would you consider being a prayer warrior for us? If you are inclined, please pray for a smooth transition to Los Angeles, for witnessing opportunities and to reflect the heart of Jesus to those who don’t know him. I would also ask that you keep the show “Make It or Break It” in prayer, specifically for family friendly content. While I may not agree with everything the show portrays, or agree with all the council the writers may give the characters, please know that I will be giving my best efforts in hopes that Hollywood would hear the voice of conservative parents.

I look forward to keeping you posted on the show, especially our premier date in June 22nd! If you’re interested in keeping up with me and my family in more detail, consider friend requesting me on Facebook or MySpace at Candace Cameron Bure or keep checking my website for updates and blogs! If you’d like to be added as a prayer warrior to my email prayer request list, just email me at email@candacecameronbure.net and in the subject line put “Prayer Warrior”.

Have a blessed month of April, and most importantly, remember that our Savior not only died for our sin, but rose again!!! He is risen!! Happy Easter!


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