CWO’s Blog of the Month – March

Each month CWO chooses one blogger from our list of over 4,000 women to be CWO’s blog of the month.

This month’s pick is Sarah from God’s Not Finished With Us Yet

Sarah describes her walk with the Lord by saying, “After walking along side the Lord as friends for approx. 3 years, Jesse and I were later married almost 6 years ago on June 7, 2003. While Jesse was raised in a Christ-centered home, I came from a broken home w/o understanding the FULL love of God. Through my doubt and billions of questions I finally surrendered to Him 200%! Much later, when the time was right, God brought Jesse and I together to be used for His glory. Today we have 1 gorgeous 5 yr. old daughter, and 1 handsome 3 yr. old son.”

Visit Sarah at her blog:

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