Suffering with Depression


I just found your website yesterday as I search for Christian Woman with Depression.  I found a very good blog that is helpful.  I need as many prayers as I can get.  I have a mood disorder and have had it for probably half my life.  I now have a psychologist who is working with me (I have a 2nd appt this week).  I am struggling with how to deal with this depression.  I am searching for God’s will in my life and my faith.   Can I beat this depression with my faith?  I would have to wean my 15 month old daughter, which I do not want to do, if I go on medicine.  I really need prayer and support through this.  I don’t want to let my family suffer any longer. 

If you know of any Christian Woman groups in NW Indiana that I could hook up with that would be wonderful too!  I am in need of Christian friends.  I go to a church but have not bonded with anyone there.  I live in an area that I don’t really feel I belong in.  I am very health minded (believe it or not) and am taking a Dr Sears approach to raising my daughter.

Thank you in advance for your prayers…


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