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Many of us will remember Candace Cameron Bure from ABC’s Full House, where we affectionately knew her as “DJ Tanner.” Today Candace is a role model to young women everywhere, with a testimony of growing up in Hollywood, while growing in faith with God.

This month, Candace gets candid on weight loss when a reader who is tired of yoyo dieting asks, “How can I maintain?”

I read the article about you in the December 22 issue of Us Weekly Magazine. What really caught my eye was the amount of weight that you have lost since Full House ended.

For a small person like yourself 22 lbs is a lot of weight. Throughout my adult life my weight has literally been a yoyo, up one year then down the next. Every time I lose a substantial amount of weight I manage to gain most of it back within about a two year period, then I have to start all over again. At 52 years old I can’t keep on doing that all the time.

For whatever reason I have not been able to maintain my weight once I lose it. I do know what I have to do. My question to you is, how can I maintain this weight loss? I know that I have to exercise and I have started walking after dinner. My problem is that once I lose the desired weight I go back to eating.

Once I treat myself to something I can’t get back on track. I would really appreciate it if you could share some of your secrets. I really need to hear from someone who has not only had success in losing, but also in keeping the weight off.


Weight loss is difficult and keeping it off can be even harder! Obviously, you know how to get it off–diet and exercise. Eating the right foods is key and staying on top of exercise is equally important. Your changes need to be a way of life. It’s OK to have a dessert here and there or a side of fries once in a while, but bringing those foods back into your daily diet will cause you to gain weight back and possibly more, as you already know.

I make sure that if I’m going to indulge in some goodies, the next day I’m on top of my wholesome diet. I’m conscience of what I put into my mouth every day, although Im not obsessive about it which can be just as dangerous.

Honestly, because I’ve been eating healthy fresh foods for so long, eating anything fried or processed makes my body feel bad. It may give me a headache, make me feel tired, or even sick. I don’t like feeling that way, knowing I can feel better just by the foods I’m eating.

If you know that it’s dangerous for you to eat your favorite unhealthy foods just once, then cut them out completely. I know for some people, it’s all or nothing. If that’s you, then refrain from eating all unhealthy foods. If however, you can exhibit self control and eat sweets in moderation, I would recommend this method. The later works for me as denying myself ALL sugar would make me go crazy! I prefer knowing I can have it, but choose not to, except on occasion. That is the exercise of my fruit of the spirit (self-control)!

I would encourage you to read Darlene Schacht’s column Live Well! She so wisely helps us keep the mental aspect of eating and exercising in line with God’s word.

Renewing your mind each and every day through prayer and reading the Bible can help you get a grip on not going back to your old habits. Commit to keeping your body a holy temple. God can give you the strength to do it. It will shine inside and out when you put the right things into it, both mentally and physically.

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