Jill Hart Chats with Christina DiMari


This month, Jill Hart chats with Christina DiMari. Christina is an inspirational speaker and writer who has a passion to help other’s pursue God’s unique plan for their lives. She uses her love for art, photography, and writing to draw inspiration and illustrations from a place that had great meaning in her own life–the ocean. She uses her passions for creatively and writing to bring healing, inspiration and life directions to both young and young-at-heart girls.

Christina wanted to use her platform to shine a light for the younger generation of girls coming up the road behind her. She holds fun inspirational workshops called, You’re Designed to Shine, on beaches around the country where young women can gather no matter what their age or background or what stage of life they are in. With the use of integrating art, creativity, sand, sticks, waves and lots of laughter, Christina encourages the girls to become the young women God designed them to be.

Now that the Bible Study/Life Journal, You’re Designed to Shine, is available, girls all over the world are hosting their own small groups and using the material to shine the lessons Christina teaches at her events to the girls in their own communities. The events Christina continues to do are now also being used to encourage the Pearl Girls who want to lead their own groups and its a wonderful way for the girls to get to know each other and be encouraged.

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