A Valentine Beauty Fix


You just picked up the kids from school and you’re rushing to get to baseball practice. The cell phone rings, and your husband informs you that the boss and his wife will be joining you both for dinner tonight. Oh, and did I mention it’s Valentines Day!

As you hang up, you catch a glimpse of yourself. Slowly maneuvering the rearview mirror towards your reflection, a stifled yelp comes out–not because of the horn blowing when the light turned green, but from the ‘reflection revelation’.

“Excuse me, Mr. Horn blower; I’m having a crisis here. I’ve got roots so deep it looks as if Moses parted the red sea on the top of my head, the bags under my eyes look as if I haven’t slept for days, and there’s an extra five pounds that have found there way to my thighs. What I need is a miracle!

All of a sudden you hear trumpets. Could that be an angel? My guardian beauty angel? No, it’s the car behind Mr. Horn blower making his horn musical debut. We’ve all been there to some degree. The good news is there is a quick fix for this beauty dilemma and it won’t break your bank account.

Today, we’re going to:

  • Get those puffy eyes gone in one minute
  • Repair the hair color in five minutes
  • Lose five pounds instantly, and
  • Get a mini-face lift

The root of the problem, your roots
Not all of us have the luxury of getting into the hairdresser with a moment’s notice, so thankfully there are beauty supply stores and eyeshadow!

I’ve found a product by Oscar Blondi (touch up stick) which can be found at Sephora or Amazon.com; it’s not organic but does not have ammonia or peroxide in it. Or…you can do the super cheap way and apply mineral eye shadow (the shade of your hair) to your roots with a sponge applicator. It really does work! With no time to wash your hair, grab some baby wipes or you can dab toner with a cotton ball on your scalp (it removes the oil). Voila! Clean hair. 🙂

Need a Lift!
There is a cream out there called Athena 7 (7minutelift.com) and it’s filled with herbal ingredients and peptides. What this will do for your skin–it gives a temporary lift for about ten hours! A bit pricy at $89.00 however it will last for six months (cheaper and safer than Botox).

Here is your DIY version:

  • Whip up some egg whites, apply following the facial muscles or upward strokes
  • Let set for 20 minutes, remove with warm water
  • Refresh with a spritz of rose water

Puffy Eyes No More
Here’s a fast solution for those puffy eyes, place two spoons in the freezer, wait ten minutes and place the back side of the spoon on each eye for a few minutes.

Another way to eliminate puffy eyes–apply cold moistened tea bags (green or chamomile) over your eyes for ten minutes and remove. Next, hydrate the under eye area with an eye cream that has aloe vera, chamomile or eyebright in it. Then use a concealer that has a salmon or peach tint to it to counteract the shadows casted from the puffy eyes.

Shed those five pounds
We’ve already determined that you don’t have the time to sit in a sauna all day and fast. Instead head to the department store and buy controlled hosiery that slims and tones your thighs and belly about one size. Some to try are; Barely There, Jockey, Bodywrap, Miracle suit and Spanx (most expensive).  Slip on your Miracle suit and don’t feel at all guilty about the dessert you’ll be having tonight as you impress your husband.

This day as all of our days are suppose to be about loving each other and our Father in heaven. I was recently reminded at a meeting; this wise woman said, “if 80% of your marriage is good and 20% not so good, shouldn’t you be focusing on the 80%?”

I love this excerpt taken from LeAnn Weiss-Rupard’s heartfelt newly released book Valentine Promises:

My stressed child, Remember that every good and perfect gift you’ll ever receive is really a blessing from me. It’s true… finding a wife is a good thing and leads favor with me! Enjoy the power of togetherness. You’ll find that two are better than one. Companionship helps, especially during bumps of life. And with Me at the center of your friendship, your relationship won’t easily unravel under pressure.

Uniting you,

Your Divine Author of Love

(James 1:17, Proverbs 18:22, Ecclesiastes 4:19-12)

©2009, Shelly Ballestero 

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