For Boyfriend’s Health

I just wanted to take the time out & pray that my boyfriend of two years will go to the doctor for swallon lymph noads in which he refuses to go the first time I mentioned it. He’s 25 & I am 22. His name is Robert, his fears of going to the doctor are from his mother dieing in the hospital of cancer, she had breast cancer at first than the doctors were able to get rid of it, well then it traveled to her brain somehow & she passed away after that.

He is afraid to go because he thinks the doctors will treat him like a lab rat but what broke my heart the most when I confronted him about going to the doctor to get checked, is that he said he wanted to wait till it got worse than he would go & also even if there was something wrong with him he did not want to get treated for it. My wish & prayer is that he will go to the doctor. Please pray for this if you can, thank you for listening.


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