Laurel’s Pics for October

Barbecue, football, and spectacular fall foliage are a few of the exciting things October brings. The carefree time of summer has given way to managing schedules. October is a time to celebrate the harvest and to catch our breath before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Has this year gone fast? Or is it just me? This month also marks my one year anniversary as the writer for Book Buzz. Thank you for being wonderful readers.  My prayer is that you will find books that will deepen your walk with Christ.

This month Washington’s Lady and In the Shadow of Lions will give readers a deeper understanding of history.  Blood Brother is a suspenseful book that will remind readers of what is truly important while Living the Lord’s Prayer is a devotional style book that takes an ordinary prayer and provides a great foundation to Christian living.  I highly recommend each on of these books for Fall reading.

Blood Brothers
By Rick Acker
Glass Road PR
June 2008

Neurostim is a brand new drug that increases a person’s productivity and creativity.  If this drug passes the FDA standards it could really benefit everyone from policemen, firemen, the military, all the way down to a college student trying to cram for exams.  However some of the initial tests of this new drug show monkeys exhibiting maniacal, homicidal behaviors.

Brothers Karl Bjornsen and Gunner Bjornsen are in a battle for control over the company. What began as a simple case of trade secrets escalates when embezzlement and bribery are revealed.  When Gunner’s lawyer Ben Corbin and his team travel to Norway to investigate the discrepancies, their very lives become endangered.

Blood Brothers had me on the first page and I could not put it down until the last. With a Christian backdrop throughout the book it reminds the readers what is truly important in life.  This is a suspenseful, thrilling, and well written book.

Rick Acker is an author but for his “real job” he serves as Deputy Attorney General in California.  He writes each of his books while traveling.  If you like suspenseful novels you don’t want to miss Blood Brothers.

Washington’s Lady
By Nancy Moser
Bethany House June 2008
399 pages

Nancy Moser does it again with her new historical novel Washington’s Lady. Moser with her detailed historical research and creativity re-creates Martha Washington.  Throughout history I have known very little about Mrs. Washington.  This book provides insight and depth to George and Martha, commonly known as the United States’ First Couple.  Martha Dandridge Custis, was a wealthy woman who was recently widowed with two small children when she first met George Washington.  Throughout her life she was faced with death, tragedy, six years absence of her husband during the Revolutionary War, then reluctantly became the First Lady.  At the end of the book Moser gives a Fact-or-Fiction account which shows the historical details woven into this enjoyable book.  Washington’s Lady will give you a stronger desire to know more personally the woman who became the United States First Lady.

In The Shadow of Lions
By Ginger Garrett
Published by David C Cook
293 pages

This is the story of two women trying to find their way in an unforgiving world and how the men in their life shaped their belief in God.  Anne Boleyn refused to become a mistress of King Henry like her sister.  Despite King Henry’s persistent attempts to woo her, she stood firm in being pure and faithful to God.  Rose, a woman of the night, is looking for restoration of her past when she is taken in by Thomas More.

Both of these women find answers in the first English translation of the Bible and both of their lives will never be the same because of this book.

I will admit I did not care for this book at first and I decided to give it 100 pages before I would put it down.  But the book drew me in and after 100 pages I could not put it down.  I am so glad I did not give up on the book because there is rich treasure to find.  This is a book that has had me thinking about it even after I have turned the last page.  This is a must read book.  You will gain more knowledge of history and appreciate what others have done in order for us to have bibles in our home.  I look forward to Ginger Garrett’s next book

Living the Lord’s Prayer
By David Timms
Bethany House Publishers
240 pages

Daivd Timms takes the Lord’s Prayer and divides it up phrase by phrase.  This devotional-style book takes a prayer that is often recited without thought and provides depth for even the most veteran Christian.  If you are looking for an easy to read, devotional-style book I strongly recommend “Living the Lord’s Prayer.”  Timms covers topic likes love for the broken, holiness in an age of profanity, dealing with evil, learning dependency and appreciating simplicity.  This book lays the foundation for leading a meaningful Christian life.

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