Freedom to Fall into the Bible

Allison Bottke, September 2008

My dear friend, Eva Marie Everson, grew up in a rural southern town in Georgia just outside of Savannah. She is married, has four children and five grandchildren, and lives in Central Florida. She taught Old Testament theology for six years at Life Training Center in Longwood, Florida and has written numerous articles for, including the acclaimed Falling Into The Bible series. She’s had articles featured in numerous publications, and radio, television, newspaper, and Internet media outlets have interviewed her.

Eva Marie is a graduate and student of Andersonville Theological Seminary, past-president of AWSA’s (Advanced Writers & Speakers Association) steering committee and the recipient of their Member of the Year Award for 2002, past president of Word Weavers, a graduate of CLASS, a mentor with Jerry B. Jenkins’s Christian Writers Guild, and a member of a number of organizations for writers. She speaks nationally and internationally. Many of you may also know Eva Marie as one of my regular columnists for the Boomer Babes Rock Blog.

After reading that long list of credentials, most folks would say Eva Marie Everson has a very impressive resume—that the girl has “done some livin’!” I would have to agree. That she has. Most of us Boomer Babes have done a powerful lot ‘o livin!

But Eva Marie doesn’t just live—she shares what she’s lived in such a way as to shed light on people, places and things many of us will never see this side of heaven. She’s been given a rare gift from God to interpret what she experiences and filter it through a process that eventually makes its way into lessons, stories, journals, columns, and books. She shares what she lives and we can become better people—wiser people—because of her journey. I like that about my friend. I like that God uses her to help me be a better person, a smarter person, a godlier person. We all need an Eva Marie in our life. I’d like to share her with you today.

In 2002 Eva Marie was one of six Christian journalists sent to Israel for a special ten-day press tour. During those ten days, she was forever changed when she “fell into the Bible” in such a profound way, she would never again view the Holy Land the same. Personally, I feel God reached down and picked her up with his mighty hands, intentionally filling her with insight and wisdom He intended her to share with contemporary men and women today. He gave her a mission, and she has been a good and faithful servant.

I’ve never been to Israel. Frankly, I’m one of those Boomer Babes who has a very hard time understanding and remembering Biblical history, or keeping people and places straight in my mind. But, I love the Bible. My faith gets stronger every year I’m alive and I never doubt that God is doing amazing things in my life. I trust He is in control.

Yet still, I have a tough time understanding the Holy Land. This month, I think that may change.

This month, Eva Marie’s newest book releases. It has been in development for over six years. I’ve been blessed to travel this creative journey with my friend and I feel as though in some small way, I, too, am giving birth to a new project. It’s not my baby, per say, but I’m just as excited to see it born.

Reflections of God’s Holy Land: A Personal Journey Through Israel will help us to understand as never before the origin of the Word of God, and the Land of His Heartbeat. One way it does this is by combining Eva Marie’s talents with those of Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, a Jewish best-selling author who holds a Masters in Archeology and Heritage.

Billed as a “unique armchair tour of Israel,” the beautiful hardcover book includes four-color photographs, related scriptures, historical and archaeological information about each of the sites, and a description of what it looks and feels like to be there today and even in years past. Providing more than a coffee table book of slick photographs, Eva Marie and Miriam enlighten us with a deeper understanding of the land of Israel—the land that holds not only God’s story but also the story of His people.

Beautiful photographs with cross-referenced scriptures of 44 significant biblical locations and historical and archaeological comment and present-day perspective, make this an even more exciting addition to our personal library. Published by Thomas Nelson and releasing September 2, 2008 I encourage my Boomer Babe sisters to get your copy today.

I don’t usually spend an entire column pitching someone’s newest book. However, I think Reflections of God’s Holy Land is more than just a book. As faithful Boomer Babes, I know we want to grow our relationship with God.

Understanding where He came from, where His Son walked, and where the Holy Spirit was made known—is key to growing our faith. With this months’ column, I’m hoping to introduce a new resource that will strengthen our faith.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Moreover, I would like to invite my Boomer Babe sisters to discover this treasure with me. After you pick up your copy, write to me at and tell me what you think of it. I encourage you to stop by Eva Marie Everson’s web site and tell her what you think of her new baby. Make sure to tell her that Allison sent you.

Oh! You simply must watch the short video clip of Eva Marie talking about her new book on God Tube. Click here

Until next month, dear Boomer Babes who Rock, may the good Lord bless and keep you all!

©2008, Allison Bottke

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