Candace Cameron Bure: “Moonlight & Mistletoe”

Tom Arnold stars as Nick and Candace Cameron Bure
as his daughter – and No.1 Elf – Holly.


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It’s always an honor and a privilege to connect with the beautiful and talented actress, Candace Cameron Bure. Many of us will remember Candace from ABC’s hit television series, Full House, where we knew her simply as "D.J." These days Candace is known by her fans as an actress with an uncompromising faith in Jesus Christ, who puts faith and family first in her life. Devoted to her husband, NHL star Valeri Bure, and three children, she is a role model to young women everywhere.

We recently saw Candace appearing in "That’s So Raven," co-hosting The View, and starring alongside Randy Travis in the movie "The Wager."

Last June, while many of us were enjoying the heat by the pool, Candace was enjoying an early Christmas in Chester, Vermont, filming the upcoming movie, “Moonlight & Mistletoe,” a Hallmark Channel world-television premier movie premiering Saturday, November 29 (9/8c).

Starring alongside Candace in "Moonlight & Mistletoe" is Tom Arnold (True Lies). Tom plays Nick, the high-spirited Santa, and owner of a year round Christmas theme park in the small town of Chester, Vermont. Candace plays his daughter, Holly, a woman who leaves town and the spirit of Christmas behind to pursue a career in Boston.

After being away for three years, Holly returns to the town, that once bustled with the magic of yuletide, but finds that the spirit of Christmas has dwindled somewhat over the years. She also discovers that her father’s business is suffering as a result.

Working to save a company that once sparked life in the festive community of SantaVille, Holly and her father Nick hold out hope for a miracle, and discover blessings in unexpected ways…

Candace, what was it like working with Tom Arnold? He’s adorable.

Tom was great! He is super adorable; and watching him work to find creativity in delivering everyday lines, was inspiring. He was very generous on the set, buying the crew ice cream and pizzas on long days.

We had an interesting relationship from the start. After hearing that I’d gotten the part for the movie and knowing I’d be working with Tom, my friend challenged me to witness to him. I prayed so much about it, asking God to open that door for me, and if He did, I’d walk through it.

The first day in Vermont, I had a lunch meeting with the director and Tom. I ever so boldly (although not without a thumping heart) asked that a few references to “God”–in which it’s use was in vain–could be removed from the script and replaced with a different expression. This sparked a two hour conversation about God because Tom thought I was nuts for thinking that OMG was blasphemous. 😉

Not too long into it, the director left, leaving the two of us to eat lunch and discuss this alone. We talked about God, the 10 commandments, lots of hockey, sports, salvation and grace.

Tom treated me with much respect, even though we differed in our opinions. He even watched his language and references to God, and used the word “gosh” instead throughout the entire length of the filming. (He always pointed it out to me to show me he was trying!) It was really sweet, and he made me laugh. I was so excited that God clearly gave me time to share, and made it happen on the very first day. After that, I felt like I could share with ANYONE! And I had the opportunity to share Christ with several people on the set. 

What is an average day like when you’re working on set?

Most days started around 7am and we shot 12 – 14 hour days. Some days were really hot, which was difficult when you have 5 layers of t-shirts, sweaters, coats, gloves and scarves! I was pretty much in every scene, so there wasn’t a day I didn’t work. And after my long day was done, I’d have another hour of work back in my room to learn the next day’s lines.

There was also snow on the set in June, right? How did they keep it from melting?

It’s movie magic! The “snow” was actually made of cornstarch (the camera can’t tell the difference) and was sprinkled all over the ground and on the sets. There was also a lot of fluffy white cotton, the kind you buy at the fabric stores, draped on the ground. Falling snow was put in during the editing phase and is computer generated.

What was your wardrobe like?

Usually wardrobe is always provided for a movie or television. In 27 years of working, never have I worn my own clothes. But with this particular movie, they asked me to bring some basics because their selection and time for shopping was limited in Chester, so I ended up wearing my own jeans, suit, jacket, coat and shoes. They provided a few of the  tops I wore.

When you get hair and makeup done on set, do you ever pick up tips and tricks that you use at home?

Yes! With make-upalways! Each make-up artist has his or her own style, and products they like to use. I never knew that my blue/gray eyes would really pop with dark metallic green eye shadow! And that’s what she used on me every day.

After filming, I went to Sephora and bought a similar color and love it.

I understand that there’s a love interest for your character, Holly, in this story, am I right?

Yes, there’s little bit of a love story, although my main theme of the movie is Holly’s relationship with her dad (played by Tom Arnold) and saving SantaVille.

Being a Christian, I am much more modest than most actors are used to. I was probably “overly professional” when it came to the “chemistry” scenes and talked a LOT about my husband! There is a kiss in the movie (but it’s very, very modest).

That’s what I love about you, Candace. Your faith, and modesty as a woman doesn’t end where the camera begins.

Are you working on any other upcoming movies?

Yes, I’m shooting a Christian film called “To The Wall” this month. The movie should be released next fall in selected theaters.

We know it’s important that you’re a stay-at-home mom. Why the sudden desire to work again, having done The Wager, Moonlight & Mistletoe, and now this upcoming project, "The Wall?"

I’m first and foremost a stay at home mom, but I think its wonderful how God brings new seasons into our lives, and our family has hit a new season now. With Val being retired, we have two stay-at-home parents. This has opened the door for me to work on projects that are both meaningful and purposeful. I’ve always had a heart for acting, and I believe that I can make a difference and contribute to bringing back wholesome television shows and movies.

Was your family able to visit you on set, or were you able to take a few trips home during the filming?

No, I didn’t see my family during the filming and wasn’t able to go home. It’s amazing how fast they can shoot movies. I was gone for 3 weeks and we shot 6-day weeks. The kids were still finishing up school and I met them in L.A. when I was finished to start our summer vacation. Val was a trooper and did everything on his own with the kids. I have a really supportive husband and that makes all the difference.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Waking up to the smell of eggs and bacon, Christmas music playing on the stereo and opening presents in the living room under the Christmas tree one by one as each of us kids took turns. 

Those are my favorite childhood memories. Now, I have the joy of watching my children celebrate Christmas, celebrating Jesus, and being together.

P.S. The director agreed to remove all the OMG’s in the movie!!! I hope the WHOLE family will sit and watch Moonlight & Mistletoe on the Hallmark Channel together. Enjoy!  🙂

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